The plight of fighting for democracy when you have no representation in government

The plight of fighting for democracy when you have no representation in government
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Screengrab/Facebook

What does an ordinary citizen do when their democracy is turning into a dictatorship and no one seems to care. Oh, the Democrats care, you say. They’re trying hard to fix the system. Bull! Today, Trump flipped Pelosi and Nadler the big bird, in effect, playing a political game of chicken.

“You won’t impeach me because you’re weak, so I’ll up the ante. I’m a bully so when you take it, I hit harder and you just cry harder.” What do I do when my Democratic Party has lost its balls (vulva) and repeatedly allows the bully to steal its lunch money? I know! we’ll complain to the teacher (Barr) and the principal (Mitch), both of whom are related to the bully.

And so the Dems whine indignantly and self-righteously, ad nauseum. And no one listens. But we have laws with no teeth that’ll take years to enforce. Let’s use those. Nope! Time’s not on our side. OK, we’ll beat him in the election. Nope! Not with every enemy country in the world having just been invited to freely hack our election by the Cheater in Chief.

We’ll continue to hear our party proudly proclaim that “No one is above the law!” while they refuse to put the full force of the law behind their own efforts. Then they’ll issue more subpoena’s, write legislation and lumber on down the long and cumbersome road of judicial “fairness” as Donnie Douchbag counts on their sloth, intransigence and wimpiness to get himself re-elected.

He said, “Come on Russia, China and anyone else. If you have ‘opposition research’ give it to us.” How does one in a foreign country get opposition research on someone in another foreign country. They hack you. Been there done that, right — and the Republicans won’t even allow funds to be allocated to prevent it from happening again. Thus, he invited hacking one more time. But I thought that was illegal. Yeah, it is. And so… Oh yeah, he’s the president and has a “get out of jail free” card. And he knows it... and he’s using it every day.

We keep saying, “Hey, that’s not fair you bully! You can’t do that!” And he says, “What are you going to do about it?” Dems say, “We’ll enforce the rule of law so you better watch out! We’re going to hold you accountable!” And he says, “OOOOOOO! I’m really scared! You haven’t hit back yet for three years so I don’t believe you’re going to!” Even your fake prosecutor Mueller couldn’t get me!” And so it goes.

But, I‘m sure glad we’re right. That counts for a lot doesn’t it? Nope! We’ve lost our teeth and have no dentures. We can’t bite. We’re just mumbling idle threats now and preaching to the choir.

He was obviously reacting to his son’s having been interviewed. The game is to normalize the behavior for which Jr. will be found guilty but not prosecuted. Take that you bad boy! Aren’t you disappointed in yourself? Originally, it was, “We didn’t do it.” Now it’s, “Yeah we did, but it’s OK because I’m President and say it’s OK.”

Kamala Harris, interviewed on MSNBC and touting, for the umpteenth time, her mother’s instructions not to complain about something but to do something about it, then promptly complained about legislation she’s sponsoring that Mitch McConnell won’t allow to go to a vote. She wouldn’t use the “I” word”. Boy, is she tough! And, then, all the left media got indignant, show after show, about how terrible it all was and all the experts agreed. Blah, blah blah.

And why wasn’t a microphone in front of every single Senate Republican immediately after the Trump Interview today, forcing them to agree or disagree and, when they agreed, calling them traitors, again and again and again from now till election time — being so outrageous as to get covered on FOX and really irritate Trump. Oh, but we might lose the election. Spoiler alert, you’re losing it now. But the polls show… Yeah, remember 2016. And this time it won’t just be Russia helping Trump because he just invited every country in the world to help him.

Nope! Even the left media give Republicans cover. They’re all in the closet and happy to be there.

Why, after Rachel Maddow meticulously showed all of the illegal behavior Mitch’s wife had committed as Treasury Secretary, wasn’t an investigation immediately started. Got to get rid of him too, right? He’s the bouncer at Trump’s election party. You have go through Mitch and Barr to get to him. Mitch ended the sanctions against Deripaska who then offered to build a multi-billion dollar aluminum plant in Kentucky and none of this, or the illegal acts of Mitch’s wife, some of which were performed in collusion with him and foreign countries, are front page news or something the House is investigating. That should be getting so much negative press that he couldn’t possibly get re-elected in Kentucky next year.

Oh, I know. I’ll run for election or I’ll support my favorite Dem contender for president. That’ll do it. No it won’t. They’re all whiners, not bully fighters. The field of play is totally different and Trump has home field advantage. They don’t understand it. It’s a time game and Trump is winning. Grow a pair Dems! We’re losing our country one stinky, traitorous drip at a time. Having right on our side doesn’t mean a thing. It’s time to go hard and fight fire with fire. Stop crying and bully the bully.

If Trump gets elected again, hello dictatorship and I, for one, will consider moving to a country that has a real democracy — a social democracy that really cares about its people — not one that complains and boo hoo’s about what’s right on TV every night while it allows wrong to on under its nose every single day. Hey Canada, get ready. Here we come! And yes, I’m complaining too but I have even less power than my representatives do. Complaining is all I have left to do. If I could impeach and indict Trump I would.

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