Why Democratic punditry’s disregard of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders is a losing recipe

Why Democratic punditry’s disregard of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders is a losing recipe
Royalty-free stock photo ID: 634157375 Topeka Kansas, February 25Th, 2017 Democratic Senator and past presidential candidate Bernie Sanders delivers the keynote speech at the Kansas State Democratic convention

Democratic pundits would do well to stop trying to slant Democrats' views of the state of the race and the candidates. It will hurt chances to win not only the presidency but Congress and state legislatures as it depresses a more engaged millennial base.

A Democratic operative appearing on Real Time with Bill Maher this week replicated the classic example that occurs elsewhere over and over. Bret Stephens pointed out that Bernie Sanders could win the Democratic nomination. Democratic pundit/operative Bakari Sellers continued the conversation about the Democratic candidates without even mentioning Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren as if they are not significant players in the race. He spoke about candidates substantially lower in the polls, mostly centrists.

The problem is that this type of disregard is subliminal. It purposefully gives an uneven view of the primary that can affect the impressions of those that engage less. The tactic in the video in this post is probative.

While many Democratic pundits continue to either disregard or tactically insult the likes of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, they may do well to acknowledge the dead-clock-being-correct-twice-a-day Morning Joe on this one. He points out that Bernie Sanders can win the Democratic Primary and beat Trump. I will further point out that if Progressives work hard on reaching ALL Americans on pocketbook issues, any Progressive can win it all. After all, most Americans want Progressive policies irrespective of what the misinforming mainstream media imply.

As I mentioned in a post earlier today,

When American pollsters give Americans choices of policies, they reveal themselves as progressives. So why is it that their votes show centrism? The answer is obvious. The powers-that-be hoodwink them into believing the things they want most are unattainable. Worse, their leaders tell them that their wants would cost jobs or hurt the economy. In other words, fear is responsible for most Americans sticking to the mythical center.

And also this,

These are serious times for the poor and middle-class. We do not have time for incremental change, the ones that never come or that they subsequently overturn. We better get out there and talk to EVERYONE and let them know we support the policies they already want and will give them candidate from the Presidency, to the Congress, to the state houses.

If the powers that be continue the modus operandi of first serving the Plutocracy and then placating the masses, we will deservedly lose. It is time to wake up.


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