A white male candidate isn’t the only way to unseat Trump: conservative columnist

A white male candidate isn’t the only way to unseat Trump: conservative columnist
Kamala Harris/Shutterstock
Kamala Harris/Shutterstock
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2020 presidential candidate and former prosecutor Kamala Harris was among the Democratic senators who wasn’t shy about asking Attorney General William Barr some tough questions when she grilled him about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report for the Russia investigation—and how he characterized that report—during a May 1 Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. Many Donald Trump loyalists been claiming that Harris was unfair to Barr, but Never Trump conservative Jennifer Rubin doesn’t see it that way at all. And in a May 3 column for the Washington Post, Rubin cites Harris’ questioning of the U.S. attorney general as a perfect example of why she’s glad to see her in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary.

“This week, Sen. Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.) reminded voters that there is more than one way to slice and dice a dishonest, arrogant white Republican man,” Rubin writes. “She filleted Attorney General William P. Barr, showing she can plan out and carry off a rhetorical knockout. Hey, maybe she can stand up to Trump on that debate stage.”

Harris’ “performance” on May 2, Rubin observes, “reminded us that politics is as much, if not more, about performance than it is about finding a Goldilocks candidate—not too far left, not too mushy; not too aggressive, not too passive. Harris demonstrated that she has the ability to capture the moment, rise above the competition.”

Because Harris is both black and female, Rubin writes, some Democrats don’t consider her the “safe” choice for a nominee—and the conservative columnist goes on to explain why such thinking is flawed.

“The search for a white man stems in large part from the fear of not winning back the white male vote in the Rust Belt, something that Democrats have agonized over since November 2016,” Rubin explains. “But anyone paying attention in 2018 saw that throughout the Upper Midwest and in suburban districts across the country, moderate women racked up victories. The congressional freshman class of 2019 is the most diverse ever.”

Rubin adds, “Frankly, who will be ‘electable’ in 18 months is rarely apparent to so-called experts, let alone voters. Based on the false sense of security of a white candidate, Democrats in the 2008 cycle would have told you that Barack Obama was less ‘electable’ than (Hillary) Clinton.”

Although Rubin’s column isn’t an outright endorsement of Harris or any other Democratic candidate, she stresses that the California senator has a lot going for her as a candidate—for example, Harris’ “fundraising network” and “her ability to turn out enthusiastic crowds.”

Rubin concludes her May 3 column by asserting that whether the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee turns out to be Harris, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, former Vice President Joe Biden or someone else, passion and excitement will be essential ingredients if Democrats want to unseat President Donald Trump in 2020.

“The argument here is not “Harris is the star, she’ll win!” but rather, “Lots of candidates can catch fire at the right time,” Rubin asserts. “So, sure, Biden could be the safe candidate everyone thinks will take down the Republicans, but that’s what they said twice about Clinton. Maybe the answer is more basic: whoever can connect in an emotional way with voters, make a solid case for how he/she will take down Trump and run an adept campaign may be the best bet, the person to fire up Democrats and oust Trump. That could be Biden or Harris or Buttigieg or….”

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