'I actually like you much more than your parents': Here are 5 of Trump's bizarre comments to White House reporters' kids

'I actually like you much more than your parents': Here are 5 of Trump's bizarre comments to White House reporters' kids
Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian

Can President Donald Trump act like a decent and even-keeled person in even the most innocuous situations? No, it turns out, he cannot.

This was on full display Thursday when Trump spoke to the children of the White House press. Despite there being plenty of reasonable and interesting topics a president could discuss with children, Trump decided to menacingly hint at his pet peeves and his ongoing feuds with the media. (This isn't too surprising, of course, to the people who remember his speech to the Boy Scouts.)

Here are five of his most bizarre comments:

1. "It's a very special day, officially called take our daughters and our sons to work day, right?" Trump said. "That's the politically correct term, and we always have to be politically correct, right? So that's good."

In fact, it was called "Take Your Children to Work Day," according to the White House press pool, which is much less clunky than Trump's version. Trump's obsession with "political correctness" is mostly an excuse for his own personal bigotry, misogyny, and racism, so it was an odd comment to make. But his brain is so infused with Fox News, he thinks this is how people talk to each other's children.

2. "I even love the media today. I see these beautiful children, products of the media, and I actually like you much more than your parents."

One might have hoped that even Trump would realize that it's inappropriate for the president to not-so-subtly imply to children that he hates their parents. Alas.

Perhaps this could have been accepted as a good-humored joke from someone who doesn't constantly call the media the "enemy of the people," but this president has earned no benefit of generous interpretation.

3. "Sometimes I wish they could make me look a little bit better," he said of photojournalists. "Sometimes I think they do it on purpose actually. Always my chin is pulled in, I look terrible, but that's ok."

This was clearly a joke, of course, but it also surely reflects an element of truth and his personal insecurities.


Again, Trump cannot refrain from making it clear how much he disrespects these kids' parents.

5. "Our country is doing very well," Trump said. "Our economy is at a level that perhaps it's never been at and all over the world they're talking about our great country and how well we're doing."

International opinion of the United States has plummeted since Trump took office — people around the world are talking about what a disaster he is, not about the U.S. economy. But no child is too young to not be lied to by the president, or to be subject to his boasts about the economy that he pretends he controls.

"There is really a lot going on in the president's take your kid to work day speech," said Dale.

To be fair, Trump did also give some healthy advice about refraining from abuse of drugs and alcohol.

"It causes a lot of problems," he said. "If you learn one thing. I didn't come up here to say that, but I say it all the time to my kids."

But overall, it would be much more encouraging if the president could control his impulse to be jokingly menacing in the presence of kids, if nothing else.


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