Former FBI assistant director pens Fox News op-ed calling for Mueller report to be made public

On Thursday, March 14, the House of Representatives voted 420-0 in favor of a resolution encouraging (though not requiring) Attorney General William Barr to make the final report for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation public. And former FBI Special Agent Chris E. Swecker is agreeing with the House.

In a new opinion piece for Fox News’ website, Swecker outlines some of his reasons for wanting Barr to make the report public after Mueller finishes it. Mueller’s probe, Swecker writes, has cost taxpayers “more than $25 million”—and the public should know what his final report has to say.

The former FBI agent takes issue with President Donald Trump’s claim that Mueller’s investigation is a “witch hunt,” although he isn’t nearly as favorable to Democratic House investigations of Trump and his associates.

“As a former FBI assistant director who served under Mueller when he was director of the bureau, I know him to be a man of unassailable integrity,” Swecker writes. “His investigation bears little resemblance to the partisan charade the newly empowered Democratic majority in the House is preparing.”

Swecker dismisses House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler’s new Trump-related probe as a “politicized fishing expedition for negative information about the president.” But Mueller’s probe, Swecker stresses, is far from that.

“For President Trump and others who say Mueller’s work is a ‘witch hunt,’ let me say that Mueller did more for his country before he reached the age of 26 than most citizens do in a lifetime,” Swecker observes. “He enlisted in the Marines and fought in the Vietnam War, where he received the Bronze Star and other medals and was wounded in combat.”

Because Mueller’s Russia investigation has a lot more credibility than any present or future Trump investigations in the House, Swecker emphasizes, it is crucial that the public hear what the special counsel’s final report has to say.

“The Judiciary Committee investigation will essentially duplicate and complicate the ongoing Mueller investigation,” Swecker asserts. “It will bring us no closer to the truth and raise more questions than answers.”

Swecker concludes his piece by asserting that “transparency” is in the best interests of the United States.

“Transparency would be the best medicine to alleviate guesswork and outright paranoia,” Swecker writes. “Let the Mueller investigation wind up and let the information flow. We are a nation that can handle the truth and let the chips fall where they may.”


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