Donald Trump Jr. pens a delusional op-ed saying the UK's Theresa May 'should have taken my father's advice' and could 'sabotage Brexit'

Donald Trump Jr. made the bizarre choice to issue a broadside against British Prime Minister Theresa May in the ongoing Brexit crisis, publishing an op-ed in The Telegraph Tuesday accusing her of potentially trying to "sabotage" the negotiations.

In the headline of the piece he has the audacity to say that May "should have taken my father's advice" — a claim President Trump himself has made before.

The president's eldest son, who is supposedly running the Trump Organization independently from his father in a thin ruse to shield the White House from conflict of interest allegations, doesn't actually say what Trump Sr.'s advice to May was, despite it being the core claim of the op-ed's headline. There's no evidence the president had anything of substance to offer the prime minister, but as May is obviously struggling to formulate a successful solution to Brexit, the Trumps seem to think there's no cost in just asserting that the president could have magically made a deal work. Nevermind the fact that, domestically, Trump fallen on his face trying to negotiate an overhaul Obamacare and trying to find funding for his border wall, two agenda items that he claimed were at the top of his priority list.

It's no surprise that Trump Jr. would entertain and perpetuate his father's baseless claim to competence in a subject area that he knows nothing about. What is somewhat surprising, though, is that the president's son would so aggressively attack the leader of one of the United States' closest allies, accusing her of trying to sabotage a deal she has pledged her commitment to.

But Trump Jr. tries to spin the narrative as a parallel defense of his father, saying that the struggle to move forward with Brexit is the result of the same forces that drove the "deep state" to investigate the president — a wild conspiracy theory that has no factual support.

Much of the op-ed is ludicrous on its face in this way, but there are also deeply troubling aspects to it. He is giving a platform to truly delusional visions of world politics, such as in the following paranoid section:

In a way, you could say that Brexit and my father’s election are one and the same – the people of both the UK and the US voted to uproot the establishment for the sake of individual freedom and independence, only to see the establishment try to silence their voices and overturn their mandates.

What we’re seeing now in Washington, London and Brussels is the desperate, last-gasp attempt by those previously in power to cling on to what was once theirs in the face of an overwhelming mandate for change.

It's a stunning exercise in projection, as the Trump administration is desperately trying to block legitimate investigations out of fear of what might be uncovered following a devastating electoral defeat.

To distract from this fact, Trump Jr. encourages people both at home and abroad to distrust institutions and to believe in shadowy conspiracies — he even encourages them to "stand up for themselves against the global elite," a term which is often not-so-subtly used in anti-Semitic screeds.

Trump Jr. may think he has his own future in politics, a prospect his allies have hinted at. But it's clear he's not a real policy thinker or a budding intellectual leader behind a populist movement. The bogus claim about his father's imaginary "advice" that would have solved the Brexit conundrum is a huge tell: Trump Jr., like the president, is a grifter through and through. He's the son of a wealthy businessman and media personality who boasted his way to the head of the Republican Party with lies and false promises. He's a comfortable executive sitting at the top of a corrupt company where he earned his place only because of the circumstances of his birth, and yet he's warning others to be afraid of some nebulous "elite."

In short: He's a con artist. Like father, like son.


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