Here's why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez scares both the Republican right and the Democratic center

Here's why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez scares both the Republican right and the Democratic center

Why would Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the 29-year-old freshman member of Congress and Democratic Socialist, so rattle both the Republican right and the Democratic center? The short answer is very simple.

Ocasio-Cortez came seemingly out of nowhere and:

Defeated Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's presumable successor Joseph Crowley.

Has a magnetic personality.

Has a narrative that correlates with the reality of most Americans.

Won without corporate money.

Ran a real grassroots campaign.

Ran on an unabashedly Democratic Socialist platform.

Built a 2 million+ Twitter follower base, which means she can direct a large portion of the national narrative.

Uses social media to get her message out and counter attacks in real time.

FAIR's Alan MacLeod pointed out an inconvenient truth.

It is impressive how much Ocasio-Cortez has upset the right-wing in such a short time. But when it comes to actual policy issues and not just Twitter spats, it appears the centrist establishment is as uncomfortable with a progressive agenda as the most frothing-at-the-mouth conservatives.

He also pointed out that many purported liberal news outlets question her intelligence and that of her followers. Many sides are attempting to dim her light and discredit her before her credibility and visibility become self-sustaining.

So what is the short answer to why they fear Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

Ocasio-Cortez is a leader of the largest potential voting bloc in the country: millennials. They are living the realities and feeling the effects of all the wrong-headed, greedy, extractive policies of the past.

Millennials see themselves in her. The fact that she lived paycheck-to-paycheck, unable to immediately rent an apartment in Washington, is the reality of many of her peers, as well as anyone who has moved back home.

The long answer is even more dangerous: The policies that Ocasio-Cortez promotes put unfettered capitalism at risk.

Ocasio-Cortez is beholden to no one. She beat a powerful incumbent who outspent her. Unlike many other politicians, she currently displays no signs of being ideologically corruptible by those wielding the destructive tenets of the Powell Manifesto.

That freedom gives her the ability to articulate realities that few are willing to say out loud.

The rich are undeserving of much of their wealth. That is not envy of the wealthy, but instead a moral truth. Amazon's Jeff Bezos is worth $160 billion. He accumulated wealth on the backs of his employees, some who must get food stamps to survive. Bezos does not have the technological prowess or ability to build the statistical modeling, the intellect that designed the millions of products he sells, nor the labor to move his products. Yet we have an economic system that rewards him at the top of the chain. An economic system isn’t divine, and its creators are likely to make it biased toward themselves. At some point, Americans will come to the realization that our economic system created our wealth disparity, and is tantamount to stolen human capital.

An unplugged Ocasio-Cortez will have Americans questioning the “why” of every part of our economy.

Why can the individual or corporation profit from natural resources that should belong to us all?

Why do private banks control “We, the-people's” money supply?

Why do we allow profit in the delivery of health care?

Why do we give human rights to artificial persons, i.e. corporations?

Why do we allow pharmaceutical companies to invent drugs with our tax dollars and then take them over and make infinite profits, with no recompense to the creators of the drugs, we-the-people?

Why is income from capital gains taxed at a preferential rate over the working person’s income? A rich person may risk their “capital,” but human beings risk their bodies, souls, and mental well-being.

Why is it that the first question asked is, “How will that affect business” whenever one discusses any program of social value, while the question is never asked when we go to war?

America’s current economic system values capital over humanity. Our mainstream media, the wards of the plutocracy, are very good at keeping the dialogue between the left and right rails on track, as I described in an article pointing out how the establishment plays most Americans.

One could go on and on with questions that show the immoral and draconian nature of our economy that we were indoctrinated into believing serves the common person. It serves a few by design. Americans no longer have to theorize as to the results and outcome of our system: They are living it. The new congresswoman is empathetic. She gives the semblance of an ability to feel the pain of the majority of Americans, who are unwitting victims of this draconian economic system.

At a recent Coffee Party USA board meeting, one of our directors said, "You know what makes Ocasio-Cortez dangerous? She speaks piercingly but civilly. She shows no animosity. She does not come across like a flaming left-wing hack. She just tells it like it is."

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a catalyst that should be feared. As our economic disparity widens and as people fall under more economic distress, they will ask these and many other tough questions. The American plutocracy will not like the answers they come up with, because it will be the beginning of the end of the pilfering. The bigwigs will use their vast, legally stolen wealth to misinform in an attempt to fool a large enough segment of the population to vote against their interests.

It behooves all progressives to get on board and define the truthful narrative at the grassroots level. This will inoculate Americans—before we all get any further infected.

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