Former Prosecutor Rips GOP for Insisting on Ford Testimony While Letting Trump Avoid Mueller: ‘Height of hypocrisy!’

Former Prosecutor Rips GOP for Insisting on Ford Testimony While Letting Trump Avoid Mueller: ‘Height of hypocrisy!’

A former federal prosecutor explained why the sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh were credible — and she called out Republican hypocrites who insist the accuser must publicly testify.

Mimi Rocah, a former U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York, signed on to a column vouching for the credibility of Christine Braley Ford’s allegations that was written with four other MSNBC contributors with legal backgrounds.

“If she was going to make it up, why would she put Mark Judge at the scene?” Rocah told “Morning Joe.” “Why would she put a witness there who, you know, is in all likelihood going to contradict her because he is a friend of Kavanaugh’s?”

The Pace Law School professor said Ford, a psychology professor in California, had little to gain — and much to lose — by publicly accusing the Supreme Court nominee of attempted rape while they were high schoolers.

“What would her motive be for coming forward?” Rocah said. “She does not appear to be a political woman. Why would she put herself through what she predicted would happen and is happening?”

Rocah said the specificity of Ford’s claims made her allegations credible, and she said any credible rape accusation should be investigated — especially when the case involves a Supreme Court nominee.

“You look into it because you need to know did this happen and you can make — people can make their own decision about whether that means he should be a Supreme Court justice, if it happened, and is he lying now and should that affect his ability to become a Supreme Court justice,” Rocah said.

She then blasted Senate Republicans for attempting to rush Kavanugh’s nomination past Ford’s allegations.

“What the Republicans are offering to do right now is a total sham,” Rocah said. “They want to throw her up there, they’ve already made up their mind.”

Rocah called out GOP lawmakers for letting President Donald Trump skate past special counsel Robert Mueller while insisting Ford must testify publicly before they’ll consider her allegations.

“I mean, remember, President Trump won’t go sit with Robert Mueller for an interview because he thinks it’s a perjury trap, but this woman is supposed to go in front of judges — meaning the senators — who have basically decided she’s lying,” Rocah said. “That’s the height of hypocrisy.”


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