Fox News' Tucker Carlson Goes on Wild Rant Against 'Barbaric' Leftists Tearing Down Confederate Statues

Fox News' Tucker Carlson Goes on Wild Rant Against 'Barbaric' Leftists Tearing Down Confederate Statues

The backlash against Confederate monuments refuses to go away, with 250 people gathering at the University of North Carolina as protestors toppled the "Silent Sam" Confederate statue on their campus Tuesday.

And Fox News' Tucker Carlson, a longtime apologist for white supremacy, is outraged.

"The point isn't how you feel about Confederate statues," he said on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" on Wednesday evening, discussing the "Silent Sam" toppling. "A lot of reasonable people think they're appalling, they make a strong case for that. It doesn't matter. What you just saw is barbaric, and it's an attack on democracy itself. Polls consistently show that Americans believe the monuments should be left standing. Rather than change their minds, and you can make an argument and change their minds, the Left doesn't want to do that. It uses the mob to get its way. And they keep doing it until the law stands up to them, which it these days rarely does."

Carlson might want to reserve the term "barbaric" for something a little more appropriate than a crowd of people pulling down an inanimate object.

For example, the fact that millions of Africans were kidnapped, enslaved, tortured, whipped, raped, mutilated, and had their families broken up and sold off in America.

Or the fact that millions of people committed treason, went to war, and opened fire on U.S. troops in order to preserve the institution that enabled it.

Or the fact that, decades after enslaved black Americans were emancipated, politicians teamed up with the KKK and white supremacist leaders to erect monuments to those traitors as a physical symbol of Jim Crow and racial terror, even having some of those white supremacists speak at their dedication including the 1913 dedication for the UNC "Silent Sam" statue that was toppled this week.

Or the fact that neo-Nazi sympathizers marched in Charlottesville last year to try to scare off anyone from removing Confederate monuments, chanted "Jews will not replace us!" and "Blood and soil!", fired guns at protestors, and murdered a woman in a vehicle-ramming attack.

Or, more broadly, the fact that to this day, it is deemed an acceptable argument in the public square that Confederate statues should remain for the sake of "honoring history," when there are virtually no monuments or name recognition for the black heroes who fought, voluntarily or otherwise, in the Civil War, and their names and legacies are allowed to fall into obscurity.

Any of these would be a far more worthy contender for the "barbaric" label.


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