New CNN Contributor Slammed For Contract Legally Forbidding Any Criticism of Trump

New CNN Contributor Slammed For Contract Legally Forbidding Any Criticism of Trump

Rob Astorino is a new CNN “contributor.” Called a “friend of President Trump for over 15 years,” Astorino was on with Poppy Harlow to talk about Trump’s insistence that Paul Manafort, a man indicted and then convicted on eight counts of being a complete fraud, is a “good guy.” Astorino, like all Trump supporters before him, resorts to a game I like to call “bullshitting.”

Harlow: I mean, just on that point, Bob, to you, the swamp, right, that the president said he was going to drain, Paul Manafort was convicted by a jury of his peers of some pretty horrible things, right? Of defrauding American taxpayers, and the president still called him a “good guy” who he feels bad for. Isn't that bringing the swamp right along with you?

Astorino: Well, I think what he meant there—and maybe I'll do a Trump translation—he worked with him, he helped him, and so he thinks he's a good guy. He should have said, comma, who did a bad thing.

Wow. Sounds like a real Trump buddy! But like everything associated with Trump, he’s a fraud, too. 

Harlow: Okay, I just need to know that you work on the Trump 2020 advisory committee, and therefore you have signed an NDA that includes a non-disparagement clause. So you can't really tell me, then—you really don't believe the president's own words, "he's a good guy"? about Paul Manafort.

So, Trump’s “longtime friend” of “over 15 years” is just some schlub that worked for Trump and is contractually obligated to say he’s a good guy.

Astorino: Are you talking about Paul Manafort?

Harlow: Yeah.

Astorino: No, look, I’ve known people, have you ever met somebody that you knew well or knew or worked with—

Harlow: — That became a convicted felon? No.


You can watch until the end of the clip below, to see Mr. Astorino try to argue that everybody defrauds the government, so how bad is Paul Manafort really? I strongly believe in free speech, but CNN’s paying him. Shut that down, CNN!

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