'It's Really Hot': Tiny Pro-Gun Rally Featuring 'Conceal Carry Yoga Pants' Makes It One Whole Block

The Right Wing

They made their mark. And let it be written (as one of their signs stated), “Fear the government that fears your guns.”

Or something.


About 50 pro-gun activists marched up and down a single city blockin Los Angeles on Saturday, as part of a national event billed as the conservative alternative to the March for Our Lives, the gun control movement founded by survivors of the February school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

This was a big-time, nationwide counter-protest. How “big time” you may ask?

Featured pro-gun speakers at the Los Angeles event included Will Witt, a conservative social media influencer; Kaya Jones, a former member of the Pussycat Dolls; and Amy Robbins, an NRA TV host, who founded a company that makes yoga pants and other athletic wear for women who want to carry guns.

F*ck, yeah! Yoga pants that allow conceal carry!

“Two years ago, I was doing a Downward Dog while packing when BLAM! I blew my big toe off! Now with Alexo Athletica Conceal Carry Yoga Pants, I can do a BÄ�lÄ�sana without risking limb or digits!”

   — Glenda, satisfied customer

And in Chicago and Palm Beach, the protests were off-the-hook!

In Chicago, organizers planned for about 125 people, but the rally drew approximately 35. The group gathered in a corner of Millennium Park, not on the Great Lawn, because organizers did not secure a permit and park security forced them to leave.

In Palm Beach, Fla., about 100 people were expected to rally at a park; 13 came, including organizer Ashley Johnson, three speakers and the parents of two of the speakers.

Meanwhile, at the same time on Chicago’s south side…


Thousands of Chicago protesters shut down a major highway on Saturday to oppose gun violence and call for stronger gun laws.

After an hour-long standstill, police announced they were shutting down all northbound lanes of the Dan Ryan Expressway to allow protesters to march on the road.

The Los Angeles pro-gunners, like nearly all gun nuts obsessives lovers enthusiasts, weren’t afraid to put their total love for the Second Amendment on full display:

The march up and down a single block had been planned in advance. There were other events staged that day in Los Angeles’ Pershing Square, including a “Salsa Festival”.

“We’re marching from the beginning of the block to the end of the block, that’s it,” Amirani said on Thursday. “It’s really hot,” she added.

Make America great again, folks! (Yes, many of them were wearing Trump gear.)

Now that’s dedication!

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