The View's Meghan McCain Goes on Self-Serving Rant About Democrats' 2020 Prospects - Gets Immediately Schooled

During a discussion on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s stunning victory in New York's 14th congressional district, “The View” co-host Meghan McCain launched into a gratuitous rant about how much she “does” politics, prompting her fellow panelists to shut her down.

Ocasio-Cortez, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, on Tuesday defeated 10-term incumbent Rep. Joe Crowley, the fourth-ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives.

Joy Behar noted Crowley “conceded and immediately endorsed” Ocasio-Cortez “before picking up his guitar and dedicating the song ‘Born to Run’ to her.”

“So, in this miserable time we're in where people are attacking each other, these two Democrats are getting along even though he lost,” Behar said. “Isn't that nice? What a guy.”

Sara Haines said the grassroots origin of Ocasio-Cortez gave her “hope that you don't have to have the power or money. You can win these things.”

“She is very progressive, and if I'm reading the tea leaves, there seems to be a succession plan for the Democratic Party,” Sunny Hostin added. “There are younger people coming in, fresher people, innovative ideas, and I think the communities are really grasping that energy and they are going out and they are voting.”

McCain then honed on Ocasio-Cortez’s Democratic Socialist affiliation, arguing the “fracture within the Democratic Party is only going to get more intense.”

“There will be a lot of reconciling for the soul of the party,” she argued, later adding she’s “fascinated” by whether the “future” of the Democratic Party is socialism.

“Take the word socialist out of it,” Behar said.

“She considers herself a socialist,” McCain said.

"Does anybody understand what that means?” Behar asked.

“Yes, I do,” McCain shot back.

“She wants to get Medicare for everybody, and get rid of ICE,” Behar said. “Okay. She wants education.”

Behar said Ocasio-Cortez’s win shows that on the Democratic side “we are just as angry for sitting by and letting Mitchell McConnell change the whole country into the Mitch McConnell country by putting in [Neil] Gorsuch against rules of 230 years in this country. We're furious with them for doing that, and now the comeuppance is here.”

McCain said Bernie “hurt Hillary a lot” with his candidacy before saying Democrat’s shouldn't “fracture your party this way.”

“I don’t know why I’m giving you free advice,” McCain snarked.

Hostin pushed back on McCain, referencing a quote by Democratic strategist Bakari Sellers.

“He says this is not true,” Hostin read. “He says there is no pronounced ideological split in the Democratic Party. He says it's a healthy generational shift. He says to our very core, meaning Democrats, we believe in caring for the poor, immigration, education and health care. That's what our votes are about. There is no fracture.”

“The difference between Bernie Sanders and most of the party is vast and wide,” McCain declared before saying she doesn’t do “many things well” but does, presumably, do politics.

Behar explained Democrats are “united against Trump.”

“And can I say one more thing about Nancy Pelosi?” Behar asked. “She is not going around telling people, you better be on my team the way Trump is doing and intimidating.”

McCain repeated that Sanders “hurt” Clinton before launching into a tirade about her political qualifications, which, according to her, somehow began in utero.

“Listen, again, I don't do many things right,” McCain said. “I have been doing my politics my entire life. My mom was pregnant with me at the [Ronald] Reagan convention. I’m telling you there is a fracture in the Democratic Party, and if you want to shoot yourselves in the foot, by all means.”

“I don't feeling like you’re helping us,” Behar said. “I don't know why.”

“You have conceded this to me,” McCain later told Behar. “Republicans band together. We're very tribal. At the end of the day, that's why so many Republicans support Trump … Democrats are not so good at this. That's why there continues to be a split.”

“We don't like certain things,” Behar said. ”We don't like certain things in the party.”

After agreeing there is a disconnect between the traditional and more liberal wings of the Democratic Party, Goldberg suggested Republicans benefit from a different strategy than Democrats.

“You know, not to knock Republicans, but I have to say, they seem to allow certain things,” Goldberg said. “They seem to allow lies and they seem to be okay with people, you know, trashing your dad.”

McCain, as if on cue, offered her oft-repeated line: “I’m just here to explain it.”

“There are certain things that no one should be okay with, and they seem to be okay with that,” Goldberg added.

“For Republicans, I mean, no matter what he does or what he says, they still back him up,” Behar noted. “It's absolutely galling.”

“When you put it into context, perhaps 27 percent of the voting public is, you know, voting for Trump, and will vote Republican,” Hostin said. “What about the other people in the United States of America?”

“They are being screwed,” Behar argued.

Watch below:


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