The View Tears Into 'Unconscious Racist' Trump: 'He Doesn't Care About African Americans in This Country'

“The View” on Friday tore into Donald Trump for condemning comedian Samantha Bee while offering support to ardent supporter Roseanne Barr, with co-host Sunny Hostin declaring the president “doesn’t care about African Americans in this country.”

“Yet another comedian is in the crosshairs right now,” Joy Behar said, detailing the latest developments in the Bee saga. 

As a refresher: On Wednesday night’s “Full Frontal,” Bee called first daughter and apparent White House adviser Ivanka Trump a “feckless c*nt” for failing to use her stature with the president to help immigrant families.

Thursday, following intense backlash, Bee and TBS—the company that airs “Full Frontal”— apologized for the remark. But Trump, who Behar noted has “yet to condemn Roseanne [Barr]” for her blatantly racist Twitter post, on Friday tweeted that TBS should fire Bee for her comment.

Asked if Bee’s use of a word that makes some people uncomfortable is the same as racism, Sara Haines explained, “you have to separate out racism.”

“Inappropriate language is something completely different,” Haines added.

Conservative Paula Faris said Bee’s joke was “not funny,” prompting Behar to suggest Bee wasn’t trying to be funny in the first place.

“There should be consequences,” Faris insisted, arguing the fact the show was scripted and approved by the network somehow makes the entire thing more egregious. Asked if she thinks the show should be cancelled, Faris replied, “there have to be some consequences.”

Hostin argued the issue is that people are talking about Bee and “not talking about Roseanne’s racist comments about [former Obama adviser] Valerie Jarrett.”

“This president has yet to come out and condemn those comments,” Hostin reminded viewers. “That’s what we should be talking about … Why hasn’t he come out about what happened to the two men at the Starbucks?”

“He doesn’t care about African Americans in this country,” she added.

Guest host Ana Navarro noted that while Bee “acknowledged the mistake” and ”apologized genuinely for the mistake,” Trump has never apologized for his derogatory language—including calling NFL player Colin Kaepernick’s mom a “b*tch.”

Haines suggested the problem is Trump doesn’t see Barr’s racism as substantively different than Bee’s use of a derogatory word, prompting Behar to ask if the president is an “unconscious racist.”

Watch the full clip below:

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