Trump Offers to Consider Pardons for Names Listed by Protesting NFL Players - Pardons Can't Bring Back the Dead


I just caught some of Trump’s ramblings to the press as he was headed off to the G-7, or perhaps the G-6 with Trump at the kiddie table.   So much to process, including pardons and the national anthem was asked and responded to if not coherently answered. He did however manage to mix together the topics of pardons and pro athletes protesting during the national anthem.   In his clumsy (does he do things any other way?) attempt to “reach out” he reached back to earlier comments about celebrities like Kim Kardasian bringing cases of “people being treated very, very unfairly” and said what pro athletes should do is come up with a list.   And he’d “consider” pardoning people the athletes think have been unfairly treated.

Well, it’s hard to choke back the breakfast I’d just eaten. So I figured I’d rant a little bit here.

Trump proved once again just how freaking clueless he is.   Why pro athletes are protesting, sometimes kneeling during the playing of the national anthem to which HE doesn’t even know the words is because police are increasingly out of control.   Minorities have always gotten, to use Trump language “very, very unfair treatment” at the hands of law enforcement.    Yes, some get charged and convicted and often on bullshit, made-up-on-the-spot “resisting arrest” or “failure to comply” charges that body cams are now showing as the bullshit after the fact “justification” it is.   But it goes well beyond that.    People get injured and sometimes badly by police beatings and misconduct during what should be routine encounters, or encounters that never should have happened at all.   A disproportionate percentage of such people are minorities.   Hundreds of cases (or more) happen every single day, and the number of people railroaded into convictions on some type of charge is appalling.    

Anyone who thinks for one second that Trump would consider, much less start issuing pardons to such people is smoking something I’d sure as hell like to get my hands on.   However, Trump’s attempt at being “fair” overlooks the worst of it.

Cops kill people who didn’t deserve to be shot and killed, and as we know so often should never have been stopped by police in the first place!    No arrest.   No trial.   No appeal.

Summary execution, on the spot.

I kept hoping there was a reporter with a foghorn voice AND the guts to shout the obvious question to Trump after his pronouncement:   “HOW DOES A PARDON FOR SOMEONE WHO NEVER EVEN GOT A TRIAL, BUT WAS EXECUTED IN THE STREET GIVE THAT PERSON BACK THEIR LIFE?

Please, please NFL and other pro athletes.   Make a list.   A list of people who were shot and killed by police just since Trump has been in Office.    (Do some homework and make a much longer one going back at least a decade as an attachment to your featured names of people who’ve been murdered by LE on Trump’s watch)    Then do the following:

  • Ask for a meeting at the White House with him.   You know damn well he will reject it, or come up with some lame excuse on why he can’t meet with them at the moment.
  • Call up the press and hold an event outside the White House while Trump is cowering inside, and show the rejection (or play the audio).   Have press packets available with the names (and pictures of them and the loved ones left behind) you’ve compiled, and the longer list I mentioned.   Read off the names of those who’ve died from summary executions by out of control cops.
  • Tell the assembled press THAT is why they protest.   Because minorities deal with police harassment and worse every day.   People, mostly minorities are regularly executed on the spot by law enforcement.   Then play a recording of the national anthem (aim some big ass speakers at the WH) and kneel during it.
  • Call the WH switchboard and ask to be put through to the President.   Ask to be let inside to meet with him.
  • And when he refuses their call state the truth.   He doesn’t care about how minorities get treated by the police, or even regular white folks who get unfairly treated and even executed by the police.   State that the truth he doesn’t have the mental capacity to grapple with an issue this big.   State the truth that he doesn’t have the guts to call in LE leaders and leaders like the ones outside the WH gates to engage in the real, serious and hard work of correcting a grave and ongoing injustice.
  • And conclude with the truth that will hurt Trump the most — that he’s a COWARD for refusing to meet with them.   That’s he’s either uncaring or a coward not to form a real task force to address the problem.
  • And as you leave toss a ball over the fence, saying “It’s your ball to run with.   If you don’t come out here and pick it up yourself, and then start doing something REAL to fix the problem then YOU are the problem.   Leave a big sign with the 1st Amendment printed on either side on the sidewalk when you leave.

For the record, I’m a Veteran.  I will always stand for the national anthem as long as I’m able.  I’ve never liked the particular method of protest that’s been used by the players.   However I will defend their right to peacefully protest in their chosen method to my dying day.   As a white guy I know damn well the few times I’ve been jacked around a bit by “badge heavy” cops is NOTHING compared to what minorities have to deal with every day of their lives.   If the athletes protesting are willing to take the extra crap they take for making their point by kneeling who the hell am I to ask them to stop?   What they are protesting needs a bright and constant spotlight focused on it.   But it needs more than that.   Maybe what I’ve suggested might help.   Maybe not.   But I’d sure love to see those players use the megaphone they have in the manner I’ve suggested)

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