Fox News' Tucker Carlson Just Unleashed a Lie-Filled Tirade Designed to Distract from the Trump's Cruel Policies

When things are looking bad for President Donald Trump, he always has one key safety valve he can count on: Fox News.

And things are looking bad for Trump. White House messaging about the policy of separating immigrant families at the border has been a contradictory mess, and the reality of the moral atrocity of the policy itself is rising the forefront of daily news coverage. Images, video, and audio of the vulnerable children and families affected by this policy are chilling, and the court of public opinion may not be kind to those politicians it considers responsible.

But like any safety valve, Fox News helps to relieve the pressure. As frustration and outrage against the administration's policy build, host Tucker Carlson is ensuring that the anger gets vented elsewhere — at least when it comes to Fox News viewers.

"You think any of these people really care about 'family separation?'" Tucker asked, referring to the critics of Trump's policy. "If they did, they'd be worried about the collapse of the American family, which is measurable and real. But they're not worried about that."

He went on to say that the people criticizing the administration's border policy doesn't care about the American families separated when parents are imprisoned in the U.S. justice system.

"This is one of those moments that tells you everything about our ruling class. They care far more about foreigners than about their own people. You probably suspected that already," he said.

The tirade was filled with lies and malicious spin. For starters, Trump and his party are in charge of the three branches of the federal government — they are the "ruling class."

But his claim that opponents of Trump's immigration policies don't care about separation of American families in the justice system is completely at odds with the facts. For example, Hillary Clinton has a detailed policy proposal that included a call to "end the era of mass incarceration." President Barack Obama offered clemency to almost 2,000 people. Growing numbers of activists and voters have called attention to the problem of mass incarceration in recent years, and it's a cause that has much more traction among liberals than conservatives.

Even this point, however, grants too much credence to Tucker's disingenuous framing of the issue. The people raising concerns about the family separation policy include House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), former First Lady Laura Bush, Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE), Sen. Ted Crus (R-TX), First Lady Melania Trump, and even, at times, President Donald Trump.

The idea that opposition to the policy is just from duplicitous Democrats of "Leftists" is absurd on its face.

Carlson also claimed that opponents of the policy don't have any solutions to the problem.

This is not true on any level. There are a variety of legislative measures that would block the family separations, but critics also point out that Trump himself could stop the policy any time he wanted. The administration explicitly rolled out this new policy a couple of months ago — it could go back to the policy the government operated under Obama or President George W. Bush and keep families together.

All this came before Carlson's most ridiculous claim.

"[The Left's] only solution is immediate amnesty for anyone who crosses our borders with a minor in tow," he said. "And of course, that's the same as no borders at all."

Literally no U.S. elected official or major figure in Amerian liberalism has proposed this policy, and it's shameful that Carlson would so blatantly lie about the nature of this debate. But his function isn't to tell his viewers the truth — it's to paint a picture of reality that is amenable to Trump and those with an emotional need to see him as a decent leader.

Watch the clip below:


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