Fox News' Laura Ingraham Actually Compares Liberal Protests of Trump Officials to the Bigotry of the 'Racist South'

Fox News' Laura Ingraham on Tuesday doubled down on the widespread overreaction to a few mild protests of members of President Donald Trump's administration, this time drawing an absurd comparison to the "racist South."

"When you get crowds of people around an individual... if they feel another person is subhuman, I mean, we saw this in the racist South," she said. "People were considered subhuman, and they felt like they could do anything to black America."

She continued: "And now, you get the sense that we're in that really scary place now. That, to me, is terrifying."

It's not clear why Ingraham thinks protesters see Trump officials as "subhuman." In fact, holding someone responsible for the lies they tell and the cruel policies of their administration only makes sense if one sees that person as human.

Of course, the whole line of argument is self-refuting on its face. After a barely disruptive incident in which she was asked to leave a restaurant because her presence made the staff uncomfortable, press secretary Sarah Sanders will now reportedly be receiving Secret Service protection.

The people Ingraham is comparing to the slave and sharecroppers subject to a violent regime of white supremacy are actually a part of the ruling party in charge of running the most powerful government in the world.

In other words: they're not victims.

What's notable, of course, is who Ingraham and her ilk don't think are victims. She didn't seem to think that the immigrant children ripped away from their parents after only being accused of a misdemeanor were victims — instead, she said the detention centers in which they were imprisoned were "essentially summer camps."

Watch the clip below:


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