Even Fox News Defended 'Disgusting Human Being' Samantha Bee After This Ex-Trump Aide Demanded She Lose Her Job

Former Donald Trump deputy campaign manager David Bossie on Friday went on a tangent demanding TBS fire comedian Samantha Bee—and his own Fox News co-hosts shut him down.

Discussing the continuing controversy involving Bee’s use of a word some consider profane, Marie Harf, the former State Department deputy spokeswoman, wondered if there will “be consequences for free speech [Bee’s] allowed to use?”

Dagen McDowell incorrectly argued Bee’s use of the word “c*nt” was “not protected speech” and is “not protected under the First Amendment” (it is).

Harris Faulkner jumped in to suggest it’s a “free market” question, asking, “do people have a right to say these things?”

Comparing the Bee controversy with Roseanne Barr’s racist attack on former Barack Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, Faulkner noted that “context matters too.”

“TBS may have a different bar than ABC,” Faulkner said. “We’ll find out what the consequences are.”

“Actions have consequences in America still today, even though the left doesn't want to have them,” Bossie replied. “They have this hypocrisy going on here. When somebody who’s a conservative says something like that, the left rises up, boycotts the advertisers of it, and there’s a machine that comes out to crush these people.”

“This woman should not be on television,” he continued. “This is an outrageous thing to say. I hope Ivanka Trump doesn’t accept the apology … It’s not a sincere apology. She doesn’t feel bad, she’s a disgusting human being.”

“It’s up to her viewers to decide if they thought it was so offensive,” Melissa Francis shot back, explaining the decision will come down to “whether or not it’s profitable.”

“If her advertisers walk then her show will get cancelled,” Francis continued. “Let the viewers who watch her and the market their going after decide.”

“I get the marketplace, I get that,” Bossie insisted.

“That word is not okay, it’s not okay with me that she said that,” Francis later added. “I think it’s disgusting. I’m just saying, I don’t think it’s for us to decide if she gets fired … it’s not our business if she gets fired or not.”

Bossie later ranted against ESPN correspondent Keith Olbermannd, who Bossie complained has not yet apologized for the things he’s said about Trump that are somehow more offensive than the racist comment Barr made.

“Ya’ll have to stop asking for an apology!” McDowell insisted. “The president, he is in the same camp as [comedian] Kathy Griffin. He does not apologize for anything. So just own it. Don’t ask for one after the fact.”

Watch below:

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