Right-Wing Parents Are Now Freaking Out About Their Children's Comprehensive Sex-Ed Classes

Motivated by a right-wing Christian “mommy” blogger, anti-gay hate groups, Franklin Graham, the Benham Brothers, Breitbart, and Fox News, conservative parents are keeping kids home from school today in a boycott protesting comprehensive sex-ed they are calling “pornographic.” Some, like the Family Research Council, are likening sex-ed to child molestation, using the hashtag, #HandsOffOurKids.

“Pornographic sex ed is being implemented across our globe in an attempt to indoctrinate our children with ‘sexual rights,’ ” a letter parents are being urged to send to their children’s schools reads, the right wing Washington Times reported earlier this month “This is unacceptable and [I am] joining others both nationally and globally in taking a stand to say ‘enough!’ “

“Elizabeth Johnston, a social conservative activist who blogs under the name Activist Mommy, is one of the protest’s organizers,” the Times added. “She said most parents wouldn’t ‘stand for the kind of graphic, gender-bending sex ed’ that schools are teaching.”

Here’s a video Johnson posted to Facebook last month, titled, “They Are Coming For Our Children!”

“LGBT activists are brainwashing children through graphic sex ed, medicating our children against our will, stealing our children through the courts, and sabotaging our children’s sporting events. When will we protect our children?” she writes on the post, using the hashtags #HandsOffOurKids and #GenderInsanity.

Also behind the protests are anti-gay hate groups including the Family Research Council and Liberty Counsel.

A petition from the right wing international Christian organization CitizenGO implies children are being sexually molested by sex education. “Hands Off Our Children!” it warns, calling comprehensive sex-ed “some social engineering experiment.”

“We will not stand for our tax money being used to promote sexual liberation, deviance, and gender confusion to our precious kids,” it adds. The petition site is backed by NOM president Brian Brown and anti-gay hate group World Congress of Families’ “Moscow Money man” Alexey Komov, who reportedly is tied to Vladimir Putin.

Why keep children out of school?

“This is our strategy,” the “grassroots” Sex Ed Sit Out Facebook page explains. “When your child doesn’t sign in at school, the school looses federal funding for that day. Since the schools aren’t listening to the cries of parents to stop corrupting their kids, we will hit them in their wallets! Hopefully parents will begin to have tremendous success getting school boards to listen after this.”

Monday morning Franklin Graham endorsed today’s sit out.

“Parents be aware: Your children are in danger of being exposed to ‘Pornography 101’ under the guise of sex education in many schools,” he wrote on Facebook. “Today some parents across the country are pulling their students out in protest of the sexualized school curriculum being promoted by the progressive agenda. Know what is being taught in your child’s school and be prepared to walk out. I encourage you to be involved, know what’s going on, and let your voice be heard.”


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