Charles Blow: The GOP Is Covering for an Obvious Madman

Donald Trump is mentally and emotionally unfit to hold the presidency of the United States, Charles Blow reminds his readers in his Monday column. This is neither an armchair diagnosis nor an op-ed columnist punching above his weight class, but a truth that even those closest to the president know. But because he's enabled their precious tax cuts for millionaires, Republicans "would rather defend a compromised Republican president than have to live in the wake of a deposed one."

Failing to admit the obvious truth about the president's mental state and how Republicans are covering for him would be "basking in false virtue," Blow argues. Just look at Trump's behavior after the release of Michael Wolff's bombshell book "Fire and Fury." Trump was so outraged America might learn the truth about his instability he took to Twitter to defend his intellectual honor, writing, "throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart” and then upped the ante by writing that his being elected meant he was “not smart, but genius...and a very stable genius at that!"

The leader of the free world felt the need to declare himself "a very stable genius," yet the conservative establishment was still ready to defend him, claiming any attacks on Trump's mental health are merely attempts to score cheap political points. Blow acknowledges that there's a political element at work: "Would liberals relish more discord in the conservative caucus? Yes."

Concerns about whether an American president might plunge us into nuclear war are not mere partisan quibbles. It goes straight to the heart of our national survival. As Blow reminds us, "We have a person occupying the presidency who is impetuous, fragile, hostile, irrational, intentionally uninformed, information-averse and semiliterate." Yet the "conservative architecture" of a Republican Congress and its donors don't feel the need to stop him. Which leaves it up to us, the voters.

"The question we have to put to the elected officials protecting this president," Blow writes, "and indeed to all those being paid a taxpayer-funded salary and then concealing, distorting or denying the truth to make this man look competent, is: Don’t you have an obligation, either moral, ethical, patriotic or otherwise, to level with America that you, too, are concerned by Trump’s erratic behavior?"

Members of Congress swore an oath to protect the Constitution, and "You can’t say that you love America and not take a stand to defend it from harm." 

Read the entire column.

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