6 Perfect Halloween Costumes ... For Trump Supporters

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What’s scarier than vampires and ghosts? The fact that nearly 63 million people voted for Donald Trump has to be the most chilling specter of the past year. It’s impossible to tell who among them is still on the Trump bandwagon, though recent polls suggest many are jumping ship. But on Halloween, a holiday abound with masks and disguises, it can be nearly impossible to distinguish who you should avoid bringing up politics around. If you do encounter Trump supporters this Halloween, they may be dressed as one of these figures.

1. Duck Dynasty


Credit: Floyd Cryer / Shutterstock

Conservatives love Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty, which isn’t surprising considering so many of them share his Christian, rural, conservative, gun-toting, homophobia-spouting lifestyle. Expect to see a few bearded, camouflaged Robertsons among the ghouls out there.

2. ICE Agent


Credit: SpiritHalloween.com

Conservatives are giddy at the realization that this costume is offensive, and Donald Trump loves ICE, which mirrors his hatred for immigrants and brown people and his fervor for militarizing government agents. Since Inauguration Day, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has increased arrests of undocumented people by 43 percent. What better way to pay tribute to such prime symbols of the Trump presidency than to dress as an ICE agent for Halloween?

3. Atlas Shrugged


Credit: ThoughtsOnLiberty.com

You'll find the more high-brow Trumpers decked out as the iconic metaphor from their philosopher-hero Ayn Rand's magnum opus and tribute to raw capitalism. Avoid the drawn-out conversation about NAFTA that this person may inevitably try to draw you into at the party. 

4. Margaret Thatcher


Credit: Orion HSU / Flickr

The Iron Maiden is probably the one non-American whose image any self-respecting Trump supporter would dare to don this Halloween. The right worships her, so expect to see at least one Trumper dressed in pearls and a boxy, shoulder-padded jacket this October.  

5. Ronald Reagan


Credit: HalloweenCostumes.com

The ultimate hero of fiscal conservatives among the Trump camp, a classic Reagan mask is a staple in any dedicated GOPer's closet (or the closet of anyone planning to rob a bank).

6. Charlottesville Marcher


If you’re out on October 31 and you happen to see a pack of white men in polos carrying tiki torches and Confederate flags, don’t take this as a mere Halloween joke. Run the other way.

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