6 Halloween Costumes That Are Perfect for the Trump Resistance

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Life with Donald elected president has felt like a horror movie for the past 11 months. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun this season as we prepare for Halloween. If you opt for a political costume, yet want something more creative and charged than your typical mocking Donald Trump Halloween costume, go for one of these options.

1. Handmaid


Credit: Taylor Lorenz/Instagram

The iconic characters from Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale took on new political resonance this year as the GOP-dominated Congress, with help from Trump, hacked away at women's essential rights.

2. Guy Fawkes


Credit: Gabriel Petrescu/Shutterstock

Always a classic, this mustached mask and black cape will brand you as someone with a strong political message. In the time of Trump, your Guy Fawkes costume will resonate more with fans of the 2005 dystopian film V for Vendetta than with historians who claim Fawkes' role in the attempt to blow up Parliament in the Gunpowder Plot was overrated. Boo on them.

Be warned, though: you may want to embellish your costume with some kind of identifying progressive icon or name-tag. Right wingers have a history of dressing as Fawkes for their own anti-establishment purposes.

3. Bernie Sanders


Credit: elkoubyd/eBay

Dig up your threadbare old suit and balding white hair wig. Your Bernie Sanders costume from the 2016 election is still as relevant as ever to the Trump resistance. By spearheading Medicare for All, which may or may not be the Democrats’ litmus test for 2020, Sanders has kept himself positioned in 2017 as the left’s Lady Liberty Leading the People.

4. Elizabeth Warren as Nevertheless, She Persisted


Credit: Senator Elizabeth Warren/YouTube

Grab your bluest blazer, a pair of reading glasses and a transcript of Coretta Scott King’s letter opposing Jeff Sessions, and—BOOM—you’re Elizabeth Warren in one of her finest moments of the Trump resistance.

5. Pussy Grabs Back


Credit: profkaren/Flickr

If you joined the Women’s March and purchased a pink pussy hat, but worried you’d never have an opportunity to wear it again, rejoice! You’ll need that hat for this costume (and you can still get one if you missed the March). Otherwise, this costume can be accessorized however you choose. Carrying an impassioned handmade protest sign is a nice way to individualize your grievances.

6. The Trumps in a Hurricane

If you want to go for straight-up humor, use your upcoming Halloween party to remind your friends and family of the Trumps’ naive response to the recent wave of deadly storms that crossed the southern United States. For a couple costume idea: Have your Melania put on a windbreaker and the most absurdly high platform pumps you can find. Donalds, throw on your most expensive suit, awful wig, and carry a roll of paper towels around with you all night. Two matching MAGA hats will make you an unmistakable pair.

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