North Carolina Hate Rally Unravels as White Nationalists Turn on Each Other

According to Talking Points Memo, plans for the so-called “March Against Communism” rally scheduled for Dec. 28 in Charlotte are unraveling, with white nationalist Richard Spencer — once a sponsor — now pulling out.

Since the violence at the Charlottesville rally resulted in the tragic death of Heather Heyer, white nationalist or neo-Nazi rallies have been announced and then abandoned due to fears of counter-protestors or disorganization, with the Charlotte event no different.

According to a spokesperson for Anti-Communist Action which is hosting the event — and encouraging participants to come armed —  it’s disappointing that rivalries and power struggles between the white nationalist groups are tearing the rally apart. But he says that it will still go on.

“A good way to describe this is what ‘Unite the Right’ should have been, in the non-violent sense,” the spokesperson, who would only identify himself as “Seth” explained.

According to TPM, Spencer is blaming the authorities who won’t guarantee their safety after Charlottesville collapsed into chaos.

“Cville proved that we simply can’t fully trust mayors and chiefs of police,” he said. “I don’t want to simply repeat Cville. We’ve got to learn from Cville and create better models.”

Another reason for the collapse is suspicions about the organizers who aren’t well known, with some far-right nationalists believing they are being set-up.

Daily Stormer editor and neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin is warning his readers away, writing, “Urging people to attend a purposefully provocative event with unknown planners who have openly called on people to bring guns to the event is, in our view, utterly irresponsible.”

The white supremacist who goes by the name of “weev” cast aspersions on Spencer for initially endorsing the rally, tweeting:  “trying to get some of your fool asses killed” at an event run by “virtually unknown parties.”

Things are even worse on social media sites Allegra Kirkland notes at TPM, writing, “Outrage and accusations flew with even more fervor on the 4chan /pol/ message board, where many Charlottesville attendees and supporters had once coordinated planning. Posters speculated that Spencer was ‘a plant of some sort’—a ‘Bolshevik’ or undercover federal agent trying to undermine their movement.”

According to organizer “Seth” the show will go on. He claims that he has contacted the local authorities about the needed permits, however a spokesperson for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department claims no one has contacted them.

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