Email Prankster Who Duped Anthony Scaramucci Makes Sarah Huckabee Sanders His Latest Victim

The prankster who managed to dupe short-lived White House communications head Anthony Scaramucci has struck again.

According to the Business Insider, a well-known troublemaker who refers to himself as the "White House prankster,” created an email account identifying himself as White House social media director Dan Scavino and began emailing other administration staff.

One exchange with White House special counsel Ty Cobb began with the question of whether there was “any drone time left,” describing a reporter as “insane.” After multiple exchanges Cobb had with the reporter, including one in which he asked if she was “on drugs,” the prankster emailed Cobb pretending to be fighting back against the reporter.

“Good evening Ty,” he began, using the email address “”

“I’ve sent a complaint to twitter about the content that drugged up extremist, Natasha Bertrand, is spouting about your correspondence. Things like this on social media die quicker than a Mexican’s hopes of Citizenship, Ha! but I wanted to tick all the boxes. I presume you’ve had no further contact from Ms Bertrand? Dan.”

Cobb quickly replied: “You the Man! She is insane. Thanks Buddy.”

A few minutes later Cobb emailed again, asking when the two could meet.

“I have emails saying off the record and two hours of trying to help her. Nutty!” Cobb wrote.

The Business Insider reported that Cobb never requested his exchanges with the reporter be “off the record” and “not for publication.”

“We can sit down tomorrow afternoon, if that’s good for you? What was she pushing for? She has a reputation for being a bit cuckoo,” the prankster replied.

“Deeply grateful!” Cobb said. “Any drone time left?”

From the same email account, the prankster emailed Sarah Huckabee Sanders asking if she had heard from the same reporter.

“Evening Sarah, longshot—but Natasha Bertrand hasn’t contacted you has she? I’ve had Ty contact me this evening saying she’s sent him several emails and is to quote Ty: ‘insane’! Dan,” he wrote.

“Not today. Last email was from Friday on an appointment at DOJ,” Sanders replied.

“Ah okay, that’s good to hear,” he replied as Scavino. “He [Cobb] really went off, ending it all half-jokingly asking if we had drone time left. I’ve never heard him so angry.”

“Yikes!” Sanders emailed back. “Glad she didn’t reach out to me then.”

The following day, the fake email went back to Cobb saying Twitter responded to his request about the reporter.

“I’ve had a response from Twitter,” the fake Scavino began. “Apparently Natasha has been warned before, she re-tweeted a gif of Donald Jr fellating a banana (which was deemed indecent—apparently it was photoshopped). So this is all the excuse they need to close her account. Quite a result! Dan.”

The reporter never tweeted it and her account hasn’t been shut down, but the prankster kept going.

“Well done Man!!! Thanks so much!” Cobb emailed back. “Turns out I may be out today but looking forward to thanking you personally! Ty.”

Digging in a bit more, the fake Scavino emailed to ask about “the whole Russia situation.”

“One final thing Ty, I’ve been really worried recently about the whole Russian situation,” the prankster wrote. “The White House will be okay won’t it? I love my job, and the people I work with, I don’t want the dream to end up derailing. Dan.”

“I have great confidence there is nothing there implicating the President or the White House,” Cobb wrote back. “Manafort and Flynn have issues separate and apart from the WH that will cause the investigation to linger but am hoping we get a clean bill of health soon. Best, Ty.”

“Thank you, Ty. I think I’ve overthought things,” the prankster emailed back. “I’ve ruined the contacts on my damn iPhone! Can’t find the Big Man’s email address… Apple have a lot to answer for!”

That’s when Cobb figured out he was being pranked. Trump is known not to use email and frequently has staffers print out emails he can view on paper.

“Felony to impersonate a federal official,” Cobb wrote back.

In an interview with Mother Jones, Cobb explained he was simply trying to turn someone who was angry into a friend. He went on to say that his emails were obviously “not for public consumption.”

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