NBC Is Giving Accused Sexual Predator Bill O’Reilly a Platform to Sell His Book


Despite being forced out of his Fox News show after multiple allegations of sexual harassment, Bill O’Reilly is back on television again Tuesday.

He tweeted Monday that he’d be appearing on NBC’s "Today Show" on Tuesday morning. Immediately afterward, members of the media spoke out against NBC’s decision.

Over the course of his career, five women have accused O’Reilly of abusing and harassing them at work. The New York Times detailed the series of allegations and subsequent out-of-court settlements totaling $13 million that Fox paid in hopes of preserving O’Reilly’s image, but the damage was done. He was fired from "The O'Reilly Factor" following a wave of outrage, including protests and a broad social media campaign under the banner #DropOReilly, as well as 80 advertisers who dropped out of "O’Reilly Factor" ad spots, proving O’Reilly’s reputation was beyond repair.

But apparently NBC doesn’t think so. O’Reilly will appear with "Today" hosts at approximately 8:20am to discuss his new book. Earlier this year, NBC also offered free publicity—and de facto normalization—to InfoWars host Alex Jones, who was invited to join Megyn Kelly in conversation.

Clearly, the network is still open to selling out its values. Meanwhile, feminist organizations have denounced the appearance. Nita Chaudhary, co-founder of UltraViolet, said in a statement:

“It is outrageous and shameful that the Today Show is giving a serial sexual predator like Bill O’Reilly such a prominent platform to spew his hate, ignorance and misogyny. O’Reilly will no doubt use this appearance—which his PR team likely worked on for weeks—to attempt to rehabilitate his public image after numerous sexual assault scandals forced him out at Fox News.

“The reality is that Bill O’Reilly remains an unrepentant sexual predator, and he continues to blame the women he assaulted, for his demise at Fox News.  By dismissing O’Reilly’s sexual violence against women, and having him as a guest on their show the Today Show, the crown jewel of NBC News, is directly contributing to rape culture in America: where the crimes committed against survivors of sexual assault and sexual predators are normalized.”

O’Reilly, for his part, told Breitbart News that he blames progressive activists for his removal from Fox. “I’ve been under attack for 16 years, and finally, these forces of evil and darkness got me.”

Hopefully, the ratings for Tuesday’s episode of "Today" will be just as low as Megyn Kelly’s Alex Jones interview was. Maybe then, NBC will rethink the people it invites onto its shows.

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