Putting the Stank in the Dank: 5 Really Foul-Smelling Marijuana Strains


Smell is typically a selling point for pot aficionados. Whether it’s the piney scent of a nice Northern Lights-based bud, the fruity berry aroma of strains like Blue Dream, or the lemon-limey scent of Diesel-based strains, smell sells.

But not all pot smells pleasant. There are some strains that exude a downright funky aroma, others whose scent can only be called "strange," and yet others that just stink up the joint. Yet, oddly enough, foul-smelling strains still sell. They wouldn't be in the marketplace otherwise. Here, courtesy of the pursuers of all things marijuana over at Leafly, are five of the nastiest. 

1. Sour Cheese. Like sharp cheddar gone bad, the Cheese strains (also including UK Cheese and Exodus Cheese) have a sour, savory scent. Still, the hybrids' mellow euphoria and energy-lift makes it sought after despite the stink. Leafly readers were divided:

“When you open the jar and take a whiff you are greeted with a splash of pungent sour that quickly turns into a smooth cheese. The buds release a satisfying snap that throws trichomes into the air when broken from the stems.” – Neemix

 “Smells like puke.” – soop21 opined concisely.

2. Cat Piss. This pungent sativa produces an ammonia-like odor, thus the name. But for some users, the plant's stimulating buzz overcomes its cat box ambience. Here's what Leafly reviewers had to say:

 “Besides the [wretched] taste that leaves you wanting water and a mint, soon you will be too uplifted to care! Effects are amazing and are long lasting.” –misterbest

 “Yuck. It really does smell like cat piss. Strong, racy sativa. Made me paranoid.” –aarvind

3. Dog Shit. Now there's a strain name that just screams out "Buy me!" Yet despite the off-putting moniker, Dog Shit sells, too. Fortunately for the rest of us, this stinky hybrid is found mainly in Oregon, where it has picked up both fans and foes among Leafly reviewers:

 “My first impressions of the bud were that they were very stinky and definitely lived up to their name however once I smoked it the smell evolved into something more sweet and pleasant.” – DogeKing

“I got very anxious and paranoid when taking this and it smells kinda bad.” – BONECRUSHER27

 4. M-39. Is this stuff grown in the Alberta oil sands? This Canadian strain is likened to "ditchweed grown in a tar pit" by Leafly. It is a popular Canadian strain, though, with some arguing that its dull aroma makes it easier to smuggle. Again, Leafly reviewer opinion is divided:

“It has a very strong smell almost a combination of paint and smelly body odor.” – StoneySundays

 “[H]as a soft smoke with notes of peanut butter and fall aroma.” – ray8753

 5. Grandpa’s Breath. This strain has a hint of must to it, but the name actually derives from its genetics: It is descended from the famous Granddaddy Purple. Probably not as off-putting as some of the other strains on this list, but the name itself can set sensory expectations. Again, one man's poison is another man's pleasure:

 “Real nice body high, heavy relaxed head feeling, taste isn’t amazing but isn’t unpleasant either.” – hazefordayz

 “This is one of the best tasting and medicating, fragrant strains I’ve ever had. I looooove Grandpa’s Breath!” – Strandz

If you're looking for the dank with the stank, here you go. 

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