Watch: Snorting Chocolate for an Ecstasy-Like High? Apparently, It Works


Snortable chocolate offering a high "similar to ecstasy" is now available for sale in the United States. Sold under the brand name Coco Loko by Florida-based Legal Lean, the "infused raw cacao snuff" costs $19.99 for a 1.25 ounce tub.  

Legal Lean owner and CEO Nick Anderson said he got the idea after seeing the craze take off in Europe a couple of years ago.

"It's basically crazy chocolate because it's chocolate mixed with other things for a crazy effect," a wide-eyed Anderson told Good Morning America.

Those "other things" include the popular energy drink ingredients taurine and guarana.

"Anybody who wants to just party, dance, and have a little bit of extra energy, that's mostly our market," said Anderson.

His marketing makes that clear: "A sudden rush of serotonin will produce an elevated mood and state of euphoria similar to the feeling of ecstasy. This is the feeling that will make music sound better and overall happiness," the website explains.

And it's not just ecstasy that gets a call-out: "When endorphins are released, it triggers a feeling of well-being in your body similar to morphine."


Anderson apparently figured this all out on his own: "I didn’t consult with any medical professionals, I basically just saw what was going on with Europe," he said. "There was no health issues, it’s been out two, three years, everybody seems fine, it’s very popular. There’s really no negative publicity so I thought we’re good to go."

But a physician consulted by Good Morning America was chary of a product that has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

"In medicine and science we like decades ideally, or many, many years, tens of thousands of patients — we just don’t know, that’s the short answer," said Dr. Jennifer Ashton. "But to be clear, when there are stimulants involved, we know that there can be physiological effects on the body. It can increase the heart rate, it can increase blood pressure, obviously it can give a jolt of energy, and potentially — if you’re talking about high doses — these can be significant."

Here's more on Coco Loko:

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