Watch: Donald Trump Jr.'s Favorite Conspiracy Theorist Reveals the Inner Workings of His Paranoid Mind

Donald Trump Jr., like his father, has repeatedly slammed the mainstream news. And also like his father, Junior has a thing for paranoid conspiracy theorists who like to pretend that they are journalists. Trump Jr. tweeted that Mike Cernovich, a pizzagate-promoting conspiracy theorist, deserves a Pulitzer for his story claiming, as New York Magazine put it, that he "broke the news that Barack Obama’s National Security Adviser Susan Rice had requested the so-called 'unmasking' of the names of Donald Trump campaign and transition figures who were swept up in the surveillance of foreign targets.... Despite the fact that experts agree there was very little shadiness to what Rice did, a furious cohort of online alt-righters are now convinced Cernovich has uncovered a Watergate-level web of crime and corruption."

On Tuesday, Cernovich addressed his audience through several video reports, initially accusing Bloomberg of plagiarizing the Susan Rice story by not giving him credit. But where did Cernovich get the story? 

"I didn't get it from the intelligence community. That's the big joke about this," Cernovich says. "I got it from somebody who works at those media companies," he insists. "I have spies in every media organization."

As Cernovich claims, his source informed him the story wouldn't have been run otherwise, giving the propagandist free rein. 

"I totally cocked the fake news media," Cernovich chuckes. "Because I have so many readers... who work in all your media outlets."

From Bloomberg to the New York Times to the Washington Post, Cernovich says his "spies" are eagerly collecting scoops. 

"You name a media outlet, I have my people in there!" Cernovich exclaims. "My people are in all your newsrooms... they're in your IT departments watching your stuff," he adds. "I got IT people in every major newsroom in this country!" 

Other than possibly those folks, Cernovich doubts the "fake news" has any idea of "struggle," which he asserts has made him the "hero of the working class." 

"Don Jr. came out and said I deserved a Pulitzer or something," he recalled. To disavow at this point, he says, "would be a big mistake." 

Later in the video, his wife Shauna appears, wanting to know more about his work. "He'll be like 'Shauna, it's better that you don't know'," she says.

"We live in this weird word," Cernovich tells the camera. "I just tell her, the less Shauna knows the better."  



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