Nikki Haley Razzed at Women's Summit After Embarrassing Defense of Donald Trump

The orange President Trump’s U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley was being interviewed at the Women in the World summit by MSNBC’s Greta Van Susteren last night in front of a sizable audience. The two women were there to discuss these first few months on the job under the Trump administration. Obviously, Syria was at the top of the list and as soon as Van Susteren decided to ask a real question, things took a tougher turn for Haley. In response to Susteren’s question about why we haven’t heard much from Trump on Russia, Haley went into a bogus talking point about how she’s fighting the good fight and when you look at Trump’s “actions” versus his “words,” you can see that he’s totally awesome.

Haley: Everyone wants to look at his words, but look at his actions. The two things that Russia doesn’t want to see the U.S. do, is strengthen our military and expand energy. And the president has done both of those. 

That load of hogwash sounded just as filled with baloney as it does reading it and the audience shut Haley down right around the 4:40 mark. A couple of minutes later Haley is discussing Assad’s monstrous chemical attacks and Russia’s unwillingness to believe the numerous investigations into Assad’s responsibility in those attacks remarking.

Haley: If you say what they want to hear, they like it. If you tell them the truth, they don’t want to hear it.

The audience made the murmuring, laughing, chuckling sound one makes when an irony bomb goes off in front of you. At the 15-minute mark an important thing takes place. Van Susteren is trying to maneuver the conversation into the mechanical logistics of Haley’s job as U.N. Ambassador. She asks Haley how you deal with having to meet terrible dictators and shitty leaders who are doing terrible things. Haley begins to give her mantra.

Haley: Again, you call them out when they do something wrong and you work with them when you can find ways to work with them.

At this point Van Susteren tries to interrupt and interject how “she would feel” about doing this. The audience doesn’t give a rat’s ass what Van Susteren thinks—as no one in America should—and someone yells “Let her talk!”

Haley: We have to express America’s values. We are always the moral conscience of the world and—

Haley is interrupted here as a women from the audience yells. 


Haley gets very quiet. Van Susteren, who was so recently chastised by the audience, looks over at Haley and then says, “Um, anyway. Moving that along ...” and we never hear about our “moral conscience” again … or refugees.


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