Samantha Bee Unloads on Right-Wing Fox Newsians' Hypocrisy About Sanctuary Cities


President Trump's executive order to withhold funds from sanctuary cities for not complying with federal law had many Americans questioning, "What is a sanctuary city?"

On Wednesday, Samantha Bee explained it to them, then called out right-wingers for their hypocrisy on those cities. 

In addition to being "places where undocumented people don't have to live like animals," sanctuary cities are places where local police will not arrest or detain someone simply for being in the country illegally, Bee pointed out. 

On the other hand, if law enforcement does come across an undocumented person, they won't go out of their way to deport them.

"If that sounds reasonable and compassionate to you, congratulations, you haven't been watching Fox News for the past five years," Bee concluded before playing a highlight reel in which right-wing TV hosts warn of the horrors of the cities where they, in fact, live and work. 

According to Bill O'Reilly and others, sanctuary cities are places for total "anarchy," a word he repeated on multiple segments, to which Bee had the perfect comeback.

"Jesus, guys, if you hate our anarchy so much, why don't you pack up your studio and f*ck off to some safe square state," she proposed, noting that the right-wing network is centered in midtown Manhattan.

"For the attentive Fox News viewer, sanctuary cities are dystopian hell pits of lawlessness, where hordes of non-English-speaking illegal immigrants roam the streets at night, eating stolen tacos and murdering as many people as they want with no consequences whatsoever, because crime-loving liberals swoop in to save them from punishment," Bee hammered.

But a recent study by the Center for American Progress shows that sanctuary counties in the U.S. actually have slightly lower crime rates than non-sanctuary cities, including New York County.

"Moreover, economies are stronger in sanctuary counties—from higher median household income, less poverty and less reliance on public assistance to higher labor force participation, higher employment-to-population ratios, and lower unemployment," noted Tom K. Wong, a political science professor and the author of the study.

And having hundreds of thousands of immigrants too scared to speak up actually makes fighting crime harder for law enforcement. 

"Threatening to withhold money from sanctuary cities makes as much sense as Macaulay Culkin's parents threatening to dock his allowance," Bee said, pointing out that these cities are responsible for an overwhelming portion of U.S. GDP; if you have any doubts about that, just look at California's economy. 

The host also had a word for the many liberals watching: "Look, we need comprehensive immigration reform," she said. "Some of this country's 13,000 gun deaths a year are caused by undocumented immigrants, and that is a real problem. But it won't be solved by deporting someone's mom for littering."


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