Trevor Noah Destroys Donald Trump With Pitch-Perfect John Lewis Analogy

"Daily Show" host Trevor Noah devoted his Martin Luther King Day segment to discussing both Steve Harvey and John Lewis' reactions to a Trump presidency. 

"I actually feel bad for Steve Harvey," Noah began. "These days, whenever you see his name in the headlines, it's because something went wrong." 

Noah then rattled off a few notable examples. 

"Two years ago, he crowned the wrong Miss Universe on live TV, he's constantly calling families to feud, and last week was a double whammy." 

The "Family Feud" host faced controversy after mocking Asian men and meeting with President-elect Trump at Trump Tower. 

"Because after pissing off a whole ethnic group, where does one go to find a sympathetic ear?" Noah joked. 

"Comedian Steve Harvey revealed he'll work with Donald Trump to improve inner cities," CBS Local reported.

But really, who not already on the Trump Train was buying this?

"As you can imagine, any black person seen to be rolling with Trump knows they will be subject to the full fury of Black Twitter. Which is why Steve was not ashamed to justify his visit and drop names," Noah remarked. 

"I was invited here by both transition teams; Obama's transition team and Trump's. President Obama said 'You gotta sit down and talk,'" Harvey revealed. "It's just me following orders from my friend, President Obama." 

Harvey also said the President advised Americans to "stop tweeting." Unfortunately, President-elect Trump wasn't swayed. 

Shortly after Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) doubted Trump's legitimacy as president in an exclusive "Meet the Press" interview, Trump tweeted:

Congressman John Lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district, which is in horrible shape and falling apart (not to...... mention crime infested) rather than falsely complaining about the election results. All talk, talk, talk - no action or results. Sad!

“I’m sorry, what?” Noah asked in response. “You’re calling a civil rights hero who marched in Selma with Martin Luther King Jr. ‘all talk no action’? Saying John Lewis isn’t a man of action is like me saying ‘Donald Trump is all tax returns, no tweets.’”

"This man got his head beaten in on multiple occasions by racist policemen who were trying to silence him and what he was doing," Noah explained.

"I'm not gonna front," he added. "If you smashed me over the head, I would seriously reconsider whatever issue I was fighting for... I'd be like... "You know what, the back's cooler anyway, it's where all the cool kids are, Rosa [Parks], you do you, I've got a one-head beating policy. I'm out. I'm out!'"

Trump's tweets also made Noah consider the possibility that Trump "didn't even know who John Lewis was."

"This seems like just Trump's generic response to any black criticism," Noah explained. "Anytime black people criticize him, he's just like, 'Go back to your burning inner city.' Like, if Trump met a black astronaut, I bet he'd be like, 'Thank you for fighting crime in the burning inner cities of space. Space crime is a huge problem. Sad!'"

Noah then concluded why both Harvey and Lewis' divergent responses provide for a critical discussion.

"It's appropriate that we're talking about this on Martin Luther King Day because Dr. King also stood for both approaches," Noah reminded viewers. "Dr. King was out on the street marching and boycotting, but he also sat down to negotiate with those in power."



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