NAACP President Gives 5 Reasons Why Jeff Sessions Should Not Be Attorney General

NAACP President Cornell Brooks and members of the Alabama NAACP risked arrest in their occupation of Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions' office on Tuesday, January 3, when they demanded Sessions withdraw his name from consideration as Attorney General under President-elect Donald Trump, who has nominated him for the position.

"The NAACP, in the course of 10 months, has had 10 victories against voter suppression. We do not need an Attorney General who's going to be a member of the do-nothing committee. We need somebody who's going to enforce the law," Brooks told CNN's Wolf Blitzer.

Before his arrest and that of five other NAACP members Tuesday night for the sit-in, Brooks gave five reasons why he believes Sessions is not fit to be the next Attorney General: 

1. Sessions denies the existence of voter suppression.

"Despite being born in the birthplace of the Voting Rights Act... he of all people—of all people—does not acknowledge the reality of voter suppression," Brooks said in the CNN interview.

2. Sessions perpetuates the myth of voter fraud.

"This nominee has failed to acknowledge the reality of voter suppression while pretending to believe in the myth of voter fraud," Brooks reminded Blitzer.

3. Sessions thinks the weakening of voting rights is a good thing.

"This nominee does not demonstrate the commitment to enforcing the Voting Rights Act. And in the wake of the weakening of the Voting Rights Act, he has said it was a good thing," Brooks pointed out. 

4. He was denied appointment as a federal judge in 1986.

“Senator Sessions was denied appointment as a federal judge in 1986 for a slew of racist comments," Brooks wrote in his press release

5. He opposes the work of the NAACP and the ACLU.

Sessions has called both organizations "un-American," noted Brooks. 

"Can you imagine Senator Sessions as Attorney General going to Ferguson in the manner of Eric Holder? Can you imagine him dispatching federal officials across the country to ensure the integrity of our elections?" Brooks asked. "So we're simply saying either arrest us or withdraw your name." 

Brooks and five other occupiers—Alabama State Conference president Benard Simelton; Humanity in Action Fellow Devon Crawford; president of Mobile Chapter 5044 Lizzetta McConnell; National Director of the Youth and College Division of NAACP Stephen Green; and Joe Keffer—were arrested by the Mobile, Alabama police department on Tuesday.


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