Michael Moore Dubs Trump the 'Godfather' of Fake News, Urges Publishers Not to Back Down

Filmmaker Michael Moore appeared on MSNBC late Thursday to reflect on President-elect Trump's ongoing feud with the press. After calling CNN "fake news" and BuzzFeed "a failing pile of garbage," Moore called Trump's press conference performance "masterful." "As a director, it was a masterful performance, he owned the room he owned the day, this should be very distressing to everyone," Moore said. 

"I did this in my head," Moore continued. "Take those same words you just showed 'you are fake news,' put those words in Nixon's mouth... it would have sounded like the paranoid that Nixon was, put those words in George W. Bush's mouth... it would have sounded defensive and like a little boy; this guy pulls that off." 

Moore also found it amusing that the President-elect replaced Trump Steaks, used previously as a press conference prop, with file folders, which no one was allowed to even open.

"Of course, someone went to Staples an hour earlier and created this prop that looks like like a law student's dorm room," Moore joked.  

"Obviously, we've thought this through and obviously we've addressed a conflict of interest, just look at how many sheets of paper there are," host Chris Hayes added.

Moore, still laughing at the print job's absurdity, got serious again.

"It's critical that the media do its job and do not be afraid, do not back down, do not try to, because BuzzFeed, you know..  screwed up in some way, because of the Michael Cohen thing... don't now not do your job because this clearly was something that wasn't vetted well," Moore warned, referring to the 35-page dossier which BuzzFeed published the contents of. 

On the other hand CNN reported that intel chiefs had "presented Trump with claims of Russian efforts to compromise him," while NBC denied the President-elect was told about the same unverified - and possibly unverifiable - memo. 

But for Donald Trump, conflating CNN and BuzzFeed's reports proved to be wise in conveying his message.

However, there's a much greater irony than NBC Universal being an investor in BuzzFeed, as Moore pointed out. 

"[Donald Trump's] one of the founders of [fake news] in the Obama era," Moore told Hayes. "He created the fake news of-" 

"'Barack Obama is not a citizen'," Hayes interjected, referring to the birther myth which took Trump years to renounce, sort of. 

"And he said that there was intelligence!" Moore exclaimed. "He was called by a reputable source [saying] there was intelligence.. He himself was hiring investigators to support his fake news.. He is the godfather this decade's fake news.

"A person who launched his political career off of unverifiable and ultimately incorrect, conspiratorial and, frankly, racist theories about the president's crypto-Kenyan by birth," Hayes added. 



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