Colbert Mocks Trump's Inept About Face on Julian Assange and CIA


Who to trust on measures of national security? For President-elect Donald Trump, it was a tough call. 

"Everybody is saying that Russia hacked our election, so today Senator John McCain (R-AZ) ... held a hearing with the heads of the intelligence community," "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert opened Thursday. 

According to McCain, the meeting was held to investigate any potential influence of Russian hacking on the 2016 U.S. election, not to question the election's results.

"No one is questioning the outcome," Colbert mused. "We're just questioning why God lets bad things happen to great nations."

"What did we do?" he exclaimed. "We're sorry!"

After the hearing, McCain was asked by reporters why he thought Donald Trump did not share his views on Russsia's hacking.

"I don't know," McCain responded. "I haven't talked to him."

"McCain's just chairman of the armed services committee," Colbert reminded viewers. "Trump's talking to the important people like 'Senator' Kanye."

After every head of U.S. intelligence agencies testified that Russia was unequivocally behind the election hack, Trump appeared rescind his earlier suggestion that he trusted Julian Assange more than the CIA.

"Instead of U.S. agencies, up until now Trump has been trusting Wikileaks founder and middle-aged Draco Malfoy," Colbert announced, referencing the notoriously manipulative Harry Potter character Assange resembles.

"The dishonest media likes saying that I am in Agreement with Julian Assange - wrong. I simply state what he states, it is for the people..." Trump tweeted, followed by a second tweet, "to make up their own minds as to the truth. The media lies to make it look like I am against "Intelligence" when in fact I am a big fan!"

Trump's tweets were sent one day after his announcement of plans to restructure the the country's top intelligence agencies, under the guise that they are "completely politicized." He also mentioned Assange in a tweet that and seemed to support Assange's statement that the Russians did not do the hacking.

"Yes, Donald Trump loves national intelligence," Colbert remarked sarcastically. "And you know what they say: If you love something, let it go." 

The weirdest part? The two tweets were sent 20 minutes apart.

"How can he have a plan for America if he doesn't have a plan for the end of a sentence?" Colbert asked.

"Mr. Trump, it's time to get off Twitter and stop being such a whiny mother... I'll finish that word in about 20 minutes," he promised.


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