Seth Meyers Perfectly Breaks Down the Naked Power Grab by North Carolina's Legislature

Donald Trump won North Carolina in the Presidential election, but the state elected a Democrat as governor. But before Governor-elect Roy Cooper takes office, the outraged North Carolina GOP legislature is going to great lengths to effectively limit Cooper's power.

“Late Night” host Seth Meyers breaks it down. 

"Our democracy depends on accepting the legitimacy of our opponents and the votes of the people who disagree with us," Meyers began, reflecting on the Electoral College formally securing Donald Trump's presidency on December 19.

The Republican legislature in North Carolina apparently did not get the memo about acceptance, and this goes back a bit.

"Four years ago, when a Republican became governor, the legislature expanded the number of appointments the governor gets to make from 500 to 1,500," Meyers pointed out. "Now, that a Democrat is taking over, the legislature has suddenly decided to cut that number from 1,500 to 425."  

The legislature also changed the years in which Democrats control boards of election, giving Democrats odd-number years. But why? 

“Because in odd-number years, there are no elections. It’s like winning Yankee season tickets for all games between November and March," Meyers answered. 

The host then turned to gerrymandering tactics to explain the GOP majority in the first place.

“Basically, they drew some districts to group together as many African-American voters as possible to dilute their political power,” Meyers said, pointing on a map to a congressional district so weirdly shaped it resembled "either a dragon or 300 years of institutional racism." 

Naturally, the GOP's actions caused public outrage, and last week Democrats began “knocking on the doors of the Senate chamber demanding to be heard,” Meyers described. 

The protests got so hectic, even Santa Claus was arrested. Meyers rolled some tape.

“This is my building!” Santa Claus shouted as he was handcuffed. 

“Though to be fair he is wanted on like 8 billion counts for breaking and entering,” Meyers joked.

On the other hand, another protester was seen inviting a police officer on the verge of arresting her to Christmas dinner.

 “I do need you to leave the third floor right now though,” the officer instructed.

“I know you do, but you know I—” the protester told him.

“Let me tell you if you don’t leave I’ll have to arrest you for second-degree trespassing,” the officer warned.

“I understand. I’m good with that,” the protester said.

“You’re good with that? OK, I’ll give you one more chance. Will you please leave?” the officer asked.

“Nah," she told him

“I need you stand up. I’m going to arrest you for second-degree trespassing,” the officer explained.

Meyers joked that "instead of handcuffs, he locked her up in friendship bracelets."

"That is the most polite police-protester interaction I've ever seen," he remarked in amazement. 



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