President Obama Trolls GOP With Trevor Noah on Republicans' Dishonest Threats to Dismantle Obamacare

News flash: It could take years to repeal Obamacare and replace it with "something terrific," as Donald Trump has proposed. And, chances are that "something" will be much of the same thing we have now.

Yet, despite Republicans' eagerness to dismantle his legacy, President Obama is staying positive his final full month in office. 

"I love Obamacare," President Obama joked during a December 12 appearance on "The Daily Show." "Where's the camera? Sign up now."

For currently uninsured Americans, the good news is they still can.

"You asking me to sign up is like the CEO of Vine telling me to join now. What's the point?" host Trevor Noah asked the President before Obama explained why the healthcare plan isn't going away so fast.

"First of all, if you sign up now, you will have insurance for a year.. at minimum," he told Noah. And it's actually fairly affordable, when you factor in other household amenities. 

"As I've said before, for the majority of people, when they included tax credits that they made be eligible for, they can get health insurance for $75/month, which is cheaper than their cell phone or their cable coverage," Obama pointed out. 

That means they'll be protected in case of an accident or major illness; potentially saving their home, pension or bank account. 

"But what you've also been seeing in the debate around Obamacare [is].. for six years this has become a sort of holy grail for Republicans, based on ideology and not facts," the President noted.

He then rattled off a list of milestones often overlooked by the right-wing Obamacare bashers: 

"The fact is, that we have the lowest uninsured rate in history. The fact is, despite all of the predictions to the contrary, healthcare costs have gone up more slowly since I signed that law than anytime in the last 50 years, the fact is, that the law provides protections that are really popular, they just don't know it's Obamacare," the President explained.

 And, in addition to being able to insure your children up to 26 years old and having a lifetime limit for yourself, Obamacare also protects against discrimination against women; all benefits employers' health insurance would deliver. 

"They'd miss it if they didn't have it," the President added. 

As for the GOP, particularly in the House and Senate:

"If they had a great idea, they should have come up with it five, six years ago when we were passing this bill, because I would have loved to have something that worked even better and was even cheaper and was less controversial," President Obama mused. "The truth is, what we came up with was the best idea at the time." 



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