‘Nobody Is Getting Fooled!’ Newsweek Writer Hilariously Trolls Fox News' Tucker Carlson

Newsweek senior writer Kurt Eichenwald has a binder full of falsehoods, specifically Tucker Carlson falsehoods. And it took approximately two minutes into his Fox News interview with Tucker Carlson for the binder to surface. 

"I looked up your bio and it describes you as a senior writer at Newsweek, which suggests journalism," Carlson began. "Do you believe that you're practicing journalism?" he asked Eichenwald.

Eichenwald laughed as Carlson began to grill the guest on some of his "pretty partisan" tweets.

"Let's talk about a tweet, read me what it says," Eichenwald said, insisting that Carlson hone in on one statement for the two to discuss. 

But Carlson wouldn't budge, and proceeded to rattle off more tweets and advise Eichenwald label himself an "advocate" rather than a journalist. That's when the Newsweek writer had had enough.

"Let's play the game another way," Eichenwald suggested. "This is what I came up with," he told the host as he presented his binder full of “Tucker Carlson Falsehoods.”

Clearly he'd been anticipating this moment.

"I can sit here and read them to you one at a time and we can talk about what you have to say," Eichenwald proposed as an alternative to discussing one of his tweets. 

Carlson didn't want to go there. He decided instead to examine why Eichenwald tweeted: “I believe Trump was institutionalized in a mental hospital for a nervous breakdown in 1990, which is why he won’t release medical records.”

As Eichenwald, who has covered Trump for decades, laid out the back story, Carlson kept interrupting, demanding a yes or no answer as to whether Trump was actually institutionalized that year. 

“Would you like me to answer the question or not?” Eichenwald shot back after two minutes. "If the answer is no, say so!" 

Eichenwald then proposed the hilarious alternative to the formal interview yet again.

"We can go back and say, oh, here are Tucker Carlson's falsehoods," Eichenwald told the host, showing the binder again. 

“You’re not fooling anybody," he added. "You’re trying to stop me from giving the answer.” 

Carlson was a little stunned by what he called "performance art": “This is a little nutty, I gotta be honest!” 


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