Here Are the 9 Best Moments From Michelle Obama's Final Interview With Oprah

If you’re feeling despondent about the future of America, I urge you to watch the full, final (for now) Michelle Obama interview with Oprah. The only problem is that the video will lift your spirits, but then after 60 quick minutes, you’ll probably realize that you might not hear two women speak so authentically and gracefully about things that really matter in the White House ever again. (I say never because I assume in 2020 we’ll be voting for some Rex Tillerson-lizard hybrid, or we’ll all be dead.) Leave it to Oprah to know we all needed just one more hour with Michelle Obama before all hell breaks loose.

Oprah, for all her Oprah-ness, does not do small talk, and although there was mention of “glamping,” the interview was mainly about how the incoming administration (although there was little mention of them by name) will basically unravel all of the good shit that came out of having the Obamas in the White House for eight years. Oprah made sure everyone remembered that the first transgender woman worked in the White House as an LGBTQ liaison under the Obamas. And that FLOTUS was the first person to put a piece of art created by an African-American women up in the White House. And that Michelle Obama is basically the wisest woman in America.

Here are some more highlights.

The casual reference to Maya Angelou

In talking about how she dealt with racism and the “angry black woman” comments, Obama said the racism did take her aback a bit — until she realized that people who spew racism have problems with themselves and don’t even know her. Her response was on-point, but the best part was when Oprah interjected saying, “That’s what Maya always told me,” when it comes to just living your life.

Michelle wants you to make people deal with your ideas

Even Michelle Obama had to realize that as a woman, and especially a black woman, her ideas matter. And she gave a shoutout to all the young women on her team that killed it.

The discussion on Twitter about their hair

It’s true. They did have matching straight locks.

When Michelle reminded us of her hustle

Let us not forget that she was the breadwinner in that family and gave up an insanely successful career to live in the White House with her husband and take shit she didn’t deserve. Never. Forget.

Michelle couldn’t handle election night, either

If you needed any more proof that the first lady is the realest, it’s this. She said she woke up and saw the outcome on her iPhone after turning in for the night because she couldn’t watch anymore. JUST LIKE US.

But then she kinda made me feel better about it

This whole “give Trump a chance” bullshit came from her husband, not her, but she did sort of explain the logic. She reminded Oprah that no one respected her husband’s win, either, and that she and Barack want to make sure they always go a little higher. And going high isn’t just a slogan — it’s about modeling “what we want.” She doesn’t say that Trump and his supporters are whiny toddlers, but the method is the same. She said, “So if we want to be mature, we model maturity. If we want a nation that feels hopeful, then we need to speak in hopeful terms. Words mean things. We have to show love and empathy.” Eh. Well said tho.

She still cannot believe Donald Trump talked about grabbing pussy

“To watch and experience [the election]. It was painful,” the first lady said. And she spoke to that speech she gave in New Hampshire and how she struggled with stumping for Clinton in the first place. It wouldn’t have been “real” to pretend like Trump wasn’t accused of sexual assault, she explained.

She and Barack really do like each other

Of course, the president came in to say “hello.” And man, did he look worn out. He jokes to Oprah that on Inauguration Day, they’re going someplace warm, but not before saying that his wife “was masterful.” And “cute,” which is sort of like watching your parents kiss, but welcome all the same, since the next first couple won’t even live in the same house together.

When she talked about a grownup in the White House

In the best metaphor ever, Obama said the president is the grownup in the White House to all of us toddlers out there. “You know how when a toddler bumps his head and they look to you to see if it hurts?” she asked. “That’s what Barack has been… in ways that people will come to appreciate,” she said of his ability to remain hopeful and optimistic and calm (sometimes naively, maybe). See how good she is at not talking shit but also talking shit? It’s something to strive for.

That pretty much sums up the despair we all feel thinking about that family flying away in a helicopter and leaving it to to the Trumps. It’s like our smart, authentic, compassionate parents who had everything under control are leaving it to the two Home Alone robbers and Mr. Burns. Ugh. See? I told you. Once you realize this is the end, the dread comes back. But for a sweet little hour, there’s something to live for. I hope CBS keeps it on demand forever so we can watch while the world burns.


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