'Hamilton Electors' Declare War on Trump

VP-elect Mike Pence got booed on Broadway last month, but there's a far more frustrating Hamilton story for Trump now.

Levi Guerra, 19, is an elector from Vancouver, Washington and the latest to join the renegade bipartisan group of "Hamilton Electors" planning to block Trump from the presidency when the Electoral College votes December 19.

Instead of supporting Hillary Clinton (who Washington voted for), Guerra will cast her vote for a Republican compromise candidate.

“I feel that it is my duty to cast my vote against Trump,” said Guerra. “Instead, I must vote for the person who I believe will be best for my constituents and who has the greatest chance for unifying our country.”

According to the Hamilton Electors website, the electors are honoring "Alexander Hamilton’s vision that the Electoral College should, when necessary, act as a Constitutional fail-safe against those lacking the qualifications from becoming President.”

Ironically, they're also trolling Trump with his own campaign slogan.

"In 2016 we’re dedicated to putting political parties aside and putting America first," the website reads. "Electors have already come forward calling upon other Electors from both red and blue states to unite behind a responsible Republican candidate for the good of the nation."

“I'm a former U.S. Marine and the core values are honor, courage, commitment. I don't believe Donald Trump has that," said "faithless" Colorado elector Michael Baca.

In terms of deciding a Republican alternative to Trump, “We haven’t landed on that,” Bret Chiafalo, another Washington elector admitted. However, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman and Ohio Gov. John Kasich are among the group's top choices.

In Washington state alone, Guerra is the third electoral college member to become a “faithless elector." Similarly four electors from Colorado have already pledged to do the same. But even seven electors bucking the president-elect would set an unprecedented level of political disgust.

"The last time more than one elector broke ranks was in 1912, and only then because the Republican vice-presidential candidate, James Sherman, died before the vote was held," the Guardian reported.

Washington State has 12 electors and there is a $1,000 fine for electors like Guerra who refuse to honor the election's results.


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