Donald Trump Jr. Once Hosted an Entire Season of His Own Unbelievably Dull TV Show

It was the "Apprentice" spinoff not even the Donald watched, at least judging from its subject matter: sit-down interviews in which the elder Trump son spoke with relatively unknown business people about their life-changing products.

"Kathy, what are some of the main challenges that individuals and small businesses face for some to seek out your services?" Donald Trump Jr. asked Tiger CEO Kathy Hill in 2014. 

"Not having enough taxes paid during the year, resulting at the end of the year in tax liability," Hill told Trump. 

It's hilariously ironic, considering the President-elect's year-long resistance to release his tax returns and the Trump Foundation's self-dealing controversy.

Hill warned that without her services, customers' tax liability could result in catastrophe or at the very least, a constant fear of the IRS. 

"My story is a David-and-Goliath story," Hill told Trump Jr., about her spectacular "face off" 12 years ago "against the giants in the industry using our slingshot."
Trump Jr. also interviewed the head of a virtual workplace.
"How did Intelligent Office get started?" he asked the company's president, Ralph Gregory. 

"Well, I became a dad, and I wanted to be home with my daughter," Gregory told him.

It's a far cry from the Trump family's attitude toward parenting. In a Trump administration, Gregory wouldn't even be covered under Trump's family leave plan.

Trump Jr. also spoke with the CEOs of an expense reduction company and a hybrid vehicle entrepreneur.

But perhaps the greatest gem in this series is an interview with the execs of TechnoTutor, a vocabulary development company.

"Developing a child's vocabulary is obviously very important, but why is early intervention so necessary?" Trump Jr. asked Steven Lamar, TechnoTutor's regional distributor.

"Words are the tools of thought... the larger the vocabulary that child has, the more likely they are to be successful in life," Lamar explained.

TechnoTutor spokesperson Cameron Cope echoed Lamar's statement when asked about the technical aspect of the learning program.

"Vocabulary is the foundation of how we express ourselves and how we learn new information. We don't have time to stop and think about every word that we use," Cope said.

The team also spoke with Trump Jr. about building confidence through technology as the child learns.

"With the TechnoTutor, we're able to have a child, no matter what subject they're taking, what opportunities are out there, what job that they do, say 'I can do that,'" Avery Williams, a second partner in the firm told Trump Jr. 

As the President-elect has said, "I know words, I have the best words." After all, he's a "smart person" with a "good brain," who prefers post-election rallies to daily intelligence briefings. 


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