400-Student Protest Against White Nationalist at Texas A&M

Two weeks after roasting Richard Spencer on NewsOne Now, Roland Martin attended a protest by hundreds against Spencer, at Texas A&M where the white nationalist had appeared to speak. 

"He only had about a dozen or so followers who were there," Martin told MSNBC. "There were some people who were curious, but for the most part, the Texas A&M students were itching to get at him."

Martin, the host of TV One's daily morning show and an A&M alumnus, was also giving a talk at the university Tuesday night. 

"I was supposed to speak around 8:30... at about 7 I went over to the Memorial Student Center, so I was there in that scrum. They were not allowing anyone to go upstairs. The fire marshal had it shut down as well because it was filled to capacity," Martin noted.

The journalist marveled at the raucous scene; hundreds of students playing "Don't Believe the Hype" from Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing on loudspeakers and chanting.

"They wanted to confront Richard Spencer and his views, and so it was very interesting watching his reaction," Martin said. 

"There weren't just black and Latino students who wanted a piece of Richard Spencer, there were white students who said they flat-out did not agree with what he had to say," he added. 

Martin was thrilled to see the white nationalist garnered no more than a dozen supporters at the second largest university in America. Still, he felt the protest was extremely worthwhile. 

"This thing goes way beyond Richard Spencer," Martin explained. "When you listen to the things that are said at Donald Trump rallies, when you look at the polling data that was done at all throughout this year where 50 percent of Donald Trump supporters said black folks were lazy and criminals, their views about Muslims, their views about illegal immigrants, views about Latinos, their views about LGBT—understand Richard Spencer's not some guy who's just out there in the wilderness." 

As for Donald Trump condemning white nationalism, for many, it's too little too late.

"When the president-elect pushed racial buttons, it required people of conscience to say 'we're not just going to be silent.. no, you must call it out.'"

Martin urged viewers to continue the anti-Trump resistance.

"What I said last night was very simple," Martin said '"We will fight bigotry, we will fight discrimination, we will fight hatred against anyone... we will fight until hell freezes over and then we will fight on the ice." 


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