Samantha Bee Totally Nails the True Source of Hillary Clinton Hatred

Samantha Bee is full of election anxiety, especially considering the perhaps increasingly remote possibility that Hillary Clinton could lose her historic bid.

"This is supposed to be our moment!" the "Full Fontal" host exclaimed the day before the election.

"Tomorrow, girls born before women could vote will have the chance to cast their ballot for a woman...  and yet, none of us has gotten to savor this historic election like we should," Bee pointed out. "It's been like running a marathon while a bear is chasing you."

Bee also noted that the country's deep divide isn't as complicated as some right-wing pundits make it out to be. 

"Evidently, a critical mass of Americans find a normal center-left policy nerd less 'likable' than a vindictive, pussy-grabbing hate zamboni who jokes about killing his enemies," she explained. 

And disliking Hillary has gone from a cottage industry to a mass marketing tool over the course of Clinton's nearly 40 years in the public eye. 

Take, for example, the new book Unlikeable: The Problem With Hillary, "the perfect gift for a man who has everything and wants to give none of it up," Bee quipped.

"If you don't like how Hillary Clinton seems like a fake politician robot, here's how that happened. Spoiler alert: It was our fault," Bee revealed. "We created her by slowly tearing down a bad-ass feminist named Hillary Rodham." 

Bee then chronicles Clinton's "fierce as f*ck" career from college, when she graduated Yale Law school as one of 27 women in a class of 235.  

"What possessed the voice of a generation to leave Washington?" Bee asked before explaining how Clinton moved to Arkansas to practice law and be with Bill. Little-known fact, Clinton failed the bar exam in Washington, D.C., likely one of the only tests she ever failed. 

The press viciously attacked her for keeping her name and failing to play the traditional role of politician's wife. "Does it concern you that you don't fit the image of a governor's wife?" Sam Donaldson asked her in 1979, shortly before blaming her for Bill Clinton's re-election loss. 

"That's where Hillary learned her 'resting f*ck the press' face," Bee noted. 

Clinton did change her name and her look, dyeing her hair and fashioning herself like a stereotypical first lady of the South. 

"I will forever be known as Hillary Rodham Clinton," Hillary Clinton announced in 1990.

Well, not forever, according to Bee, predicting Bill won't be allowed back when "Tim Kaine changes the locks on the White House door."



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