Police Departments Refuse to Send Backup to Standing Rock In Response to International Outrage


Police departments throughout America are refusing to go to North Dakota to support the Morton County Sheriff's Department's attempt to stop the ongoing Dakota Access Pipeline protest.

According to The Free Thought Project

A massive campaign of angry phone calls and indignant emails to departments planning to travel to North Dakota succeeded in persuading multiple sheriffs — elected officials — the brutal tactics used against peaceful Standing Rock Sioux and other water protectors have been a gross abuse of power. 

Montana’s Gallatin County Sheriff Brian Gootkin, Wisconsin’s Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney and Minnesota’s Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek have all reconsidered their mission once receiving such messages. And they're not just coming from the US. 

“I got messages from England, Poland, New Zealand, Australia,” Gootkin told Yes! Magazine. “I wanted to go and help my fellow law enforcement. I just don’t understand where we separated from the public. It really breaks my heart. We are not the enemy.” 

The barrage of international public outrage ultimately caused Gootkin's to stand down and he stated the following for his constituents:

“Although my actions were well-intentioned, you made it clear that you do not want your Sheriff’s Office involved in this conflict. One of the biggest differences of an elected Sheriff from other law enforcement leaders is that I am directly accountable to the people I serve (YOU)," Gootkin said. 

Over 1,000 police officers from nearly two dozen counties nationwide have been dispatched to Standing Rock in the past two months. 

"You have to be mindful of who we are and what we're doing," Standing Rock Sioux Chairman David Archambault II told The Young Turks. "If these lands are truly sacred to us then why are we punching holes all over... if this camp is truly all about prayer and peace and mother earth then we should be taking care of her."

While the number of law enforcement agencies aiding Morton County decreased since the violent Oct. 27 raid, Archambault II has observed the use of force increase in the area.

"I've noticed the force escalate with law enforcement, using guard dogs to to billy clubs to rubber bullets to sound concussion... concussion grenades," he said. "You can see the the force increasing and they'll come up with every reason, every excuse, for them to use the the force and that's escalating and as escalates and there's more and more people, I think everyone's concerned for safety." 

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