North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory Won't Concede Lost Election, Sticking With Voter Fraud Myth

The presidential election has been over for a couple of weeks, but there is still a bundle of confusion in North Carolina. The state is STILL trying to tally up the votes to see who won the race for governor. The current governor is behind by a small margin of votes, yet Pat McCrory won’t concede the election because he thinks there has been voter fraud. Riiiggghht.

McCrory’s time as governor has been loaded with bad decisions, particularly the HB2 bill, anti-LGBTQ legislation that doesn’t allow people to use the bathroom they choose based on how they identify. His unwise decision led to major basketball tournaments being pulled (a bad thing for a big time basketball state) and a lost deal with PayPal, as well as countless entertainers deciding to skip the state during their tours. He soon saw his approval rating plummet to 37 percent, yet the race was still close.

Now, McCrory is salty about possibly being the first governor to not be reelected and he’s pulling the voter fraud card. His campaign has claimed that dead people and felons voted and that legal addresses were not properly verified. McCrory also filed for a recount of the entire state, which cannot happen until all of the outstanding votes have been counted. Several counties were delayed in filing their votes because of Republican complaints about voter fraud and issues over ballots. The governor wrote a letter to the State Board of Elections and said a recount would make sure that North Carolinians could be confident in the results. Basically, his campaign doesn’t want to face the ugly truth.

Despite all the claims by the Republican Party, Democratic candidate Roy Cooper seems confident about his new gig as governor. He posted a video declaring victory and has begun to hire a transition team to help settle into his new office. Why? Because math is math, and so-called voter fraud has been proven to be a cloud of smoke. There have been several instances that have proven to be untrue, including an allegedly dead person who was alive (surprise) and two “felons” who were not felons.

Cooper’s campaign released a statement about the recount and said it believes McCrory is trying to delay the results. The Democrats believe a recount will not do anything to change Cooper’s victory in North Carolina. In the meantime, it looks like everyone will have to continue waiting it out to get the official word on the next governor.

Sometimes you have to know when to throw in the towel.


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