John Oliver Takes the Blame for Trump's Candidacy

"Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver wants to make sure Americans know exactly what's on their ballot when they hit the polls on Tuesday.

"You do have to vote, even if you live in a state where you think it won't matter, because there are some important things to vote for down ballot... the races you don't think about till you're in the voting booth," Oliver explained, before imitating a totally unprepared voter: 

"Oh, comptroller, sh*t I did not study for that, well, I hope this person's not a Nazi!" he exclaimed.

But in many states, there are also important ballot initiatives, from raising the minimum wage to legalizing marijuana to repealing the repeal (not a typo—there is confusing ballot language on this in Nebraska) of the death penalty. And there's an easy way to find out all of them. 

"If you Google 'view my ballot,' you can see who or what is on the ballot in your area," Oliver told viewers. 

It should be noted that, as Oliver revealed, there's one candidate on the ballot he feels at least partially responsible for. 

"[Donald Trump] now has a genuine shot at the presidency. Despite having blown up a political party, undermined confidence in our political system, declared open season on journalists and unleashed a river of racism and misogyny," Oliver warned viewers, before launching into full-on confession mode.

“It is frankly hard to believe that there was a time when people thought a Trump candidacy would be funny,” he continued. “Because there was such a time. As you may remember, three years ago I guest hosted 'The Daily Show,' and, well, there is something you should see.”

In 2013 when Trump was considering a run for the presidency, yet again, Oliver (ironically) goaded him.

“I badly want you to run,” Oliver said in the broadcast, promising Trump he would personally write him a check on behalf of America, "which doesn't want you to be president but which badly wants you to run now, now, now."

If that wasn't bad enough, Oliver then played a clip of a discussion he had with Jon Stewart in 2008 in which he predicted the Cubs would never win the World Series. 

“Now, in my defense I have no defense for that and was hoping to think of one before finishing this sentence, which, oh shit, it’s over,” Oliver concluded.



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