George Takei Slams Trump Surrogate's Invoking of Japanese Internment Camps Using Trump's Own Words

Former Navy SEAL and Trump surrogate Carl Higbie horrified viewers on Wednesday when he told Fox News host Megyn Kelly that President-elect Trump's Muslim registry has "precedent" in World War II's Japanese internment camps.

George Takei, who was forced into an internment camp at a young age, had some strong words in response.

"Mr. Higbie used it the imprisonment of innocent Japanese Americans as a precedent. Yes it happened but it is not a precedent. It is the most disgraceful chapter of American history," Takei told Lawrence O'Donnell in an interview on "The Last Word" the following day. 

"This is a country that believes in order, law, it's a nation of law," Takei said, words that were, ironically, used by Donald Trump just months ago during his nomination speech at the Republican National Convention.

"We believe in due process and all that disappeared," Takei recalled. "As a matter of fact, in 1988, President Ronald Reagan had to apologize for the imprisonment of innocent Japanese Americans during the Second World War.

"We were totally innocent and yet we were in prison because of racism, bigotry, war hysteria and the failure of political leadership, that is what happened," Takei reminded everyone. 

But he also did not find Higbie's statement's unexpected, given Trump's Muslim registry proposal in the wake of the Paris attacks. 

"Registration of any group of people and certainly registration of the Muslims is a prelude to internment," Takei warned viewers, calling on good Americans to stand up and resist the dangerous, "moral bankruptcy." 

"Write to your congressional representatives and the president-elect and tell them that this is not what we stand for as a nation. We go by the rule of law, and a registry is a simple categorization of the people of one faith." he insisted, urging Americans not to treat each other as enemies.

"We were American citizens and yet, because we look like the enemy, we were treated like the enemy, and this is what's going to happen with a Muslim registry and we as Americans will not tolerate that again," Takei said. 



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