Election Results for 2016 Pour In: Hillary and Trump Close as Florida Votes in Medical Marijuana

9:50 PM ET: More states have been called, Louisiana for Trump and Connecticut for Clinton.

In other states, where the results are very close, like Virginia and Florida, it shows that Donald Trump’s support is deeper than the Clinton campaign and Democrats believed. Exit polls show that very high percentages of whites voted for Trump in Florida, while very high percentages of non-whites there voted for Clinton.   

In Virginia, Trump is doing well in most areas of the state outside the Washington, D.C. suburbs, but that is where Clinton’s greatest support is and the biggest counties have not fully reported. While former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendel said he expected Clinton to win Pennsylvania, he said that if Trump won in Florida and Ohio, then Michigan may be critical to a Clinton victory.

Other reports say that Clinton is doing well in Wisconsin, Colorado and Minnesota.

9:30 PM ET: Very thin margins are separating Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in 2016’s big battleground states, while other reliably red and blue states are falling into those columns.

Trump was ahead in the early Electoral College vote count, by winning the red states of Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota and North Dakota. In contrast, Clinton has won the blue states of Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Illinois.

All eyes are still on Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and even Virginia, where the results are too close for the media to call the winner based on the vote counts and exit poll data. The results will hinge on returns from some of the largest population counties.

What’s intriguing at this stage is that two states that were called early in 2012 have not been called—Georgia for Republican Mitt Romney, and New Hampshire for President Obama. That could bode well for the Clinton campaign. The last Democratic presidential candidate elected in Georgia was Bill Clinton.

On the other hand, the U.S. Senate races that have been called have seen several Republican incumbents re-elected, including Ohio’s Rob Portman and Florida’s Marco Rubio. Only Illinois’ Mark Kirk was defeated by Democrat Tammy Duckworth.

As of 9:30 PM ET, the states that were trending toward Clinton, according to the New York Times, were: Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Missouri, New Mexico, Colorado and Iowa. The states that were trending toward Trump were Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

However, as the polls close across the country from east to west, the eastern state tallies tend to be more solid and based on fuller vote counts than those in the country’s center.

The first big ballot initiative of the night has been called in Florida, with medical marijuana declared a winner. Also in Florida, former Republican Gov. Charlie Crist, running as a Democrat for the House, was elected to Congress.

Interviewed on NPR at roughly 8:25 PM ET, Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone said Trump would likely concede “like a gentleman” if he lost—but only if he was convinced that the vote count was fair.   


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