Charles Blow Perfectly Explains Why Trump's 'Hamilton' Feud Matters

Did mainstream media have an over-the-top reaction to President-elect Donald Trump's response to the cast of "Hamilton" and their message to VP-elect Mike Pence?

Trump tweeted that the cast was rude to Pence on Friday night when they told him they were frightened by the incoming administration's rhetoric, and asked him to protect the rights of all people. Trump demanded an apology.

New York Times columnist Charles Blow thinks the cast and the subsequent media coverage were entirely appropriate.

"I think you have to just continue to constantly call out everything," he told CNN's Brian Stelter, with regards to Trump's response via Twitter. "I'm so personally offended by so much of what, he does," Blow added, but noted it was also an issue of first amendment rights and artistic expression. "it's not a small thing," he continued, adding that the cast was simply using the stage to voice their concerns for their personal lives.

Blow encouraged Trump to see the show himself, but explained why Trump's social media activity is cause for concern regardless of the policies he campaigned on.

"There's a real need for us to put constant pressure on this this man to make him live up to the ideals of the presidency itself... the country needs us right now to put pressure on him because we have to make him be the president. He's going to be president for years and he has to conform to that in some way he can't do things like this and not have it called out."

Blow also noted that Trump's compulsion to take to Twitter to feud with personalities like the cast of "Hamilton" is most likely a compulsion from a New York icon who, in the past 18 months, has evolved into America's most divisive figure. 

"You have to remember this is a guy from Queens who wanted to be in New York City," Blow told Stelter about Trump.

"His whole kind of social orbit is the New York City... that's why he attacks the New York Times... SNL.. a Broadway show," he pointed out. "The New York Times put together an amazing list of all the people he's attacked... take a look at that list and see how many of those personalities are people who are right here in New York City; it's almost as if he's not completely moved [on]."



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