4 Ways to Make Donald Trump a One Term President According to People's Action and Thom Hartmann

Thom Hartmann is staying optimistic in light of a totally disastrous day for Progressives. 

"There's been some actually good news that came out of this election... in Nevada we elected the first Latina Senator, in Wisconsin we elected a longtime community champion of the house, in Minnesota we elected the first Somali American immigrant of the state assembly in Arizona we removed one of the most vicious anti-immigrant sheriffs in the history of our country," Hartmann announced. 

In addition, Arizona, Colorado, Maine and Washington all voted to raise the minimum wage. 

The bad news? President Trump, of course. 

"We just elected a known racist, misogynist crazy man to be the President of the United States," George Goehl, Co-executive director of People's Action & People's Action Institute reminded viewers. 

"And put his enablers in charge of the House, the Senate and soon to be the Supreme Court," Hartmann added. 

But in terms of reacting, here are 4 things Progressives can do.

1. Build a cohesive, national network of activists. 

"I have never seen this level of solidarity among the national progressive organizations in my lifetime," Goehl said. He then spoke about how at 2 a.m. Wednesday once it was clear Trump won, he then got on the phone with activists, devising a strategy and creating a division of labor which resulted in nearly 40 protests nationwide

2. Address violence faced directly by communities of color, Muslim communities, LGBT communities.

"How can we protect [these] communities against the really hateful and dangerous policy agenda.. turn defense into offense that sets us up for future elections?" Goehl asked. 

3. Run electable progressive Democrats on the local level.

"I think we can push a both economic agenda in cities and states. We have to have places where we're actually lining up wins," Goehl insisted. 

4. Figure out how to reach white working class America 

"[This is] something we've definitely failed at as Democrats and as someone who grew up in a very rural southern Indiana, [I assure you] it can be done," Goehl told Hartmann. He also spoke about his recent experience at a county fair in Wisconsin, no longer safely blue since Trump carried it. 

"There were Trump shirts abound and there wasn't anybody wearing a Democratic shirt anywhere," recalled Goehl. "When I was growing up it would have been much different."



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