Aside from a Few Issues, Gary Johnson Is as Rabidly Right-Wing as You Could Possibly Imagine

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is the Republican we've been waiting for, including those die-hard Sanders supporters, right? Not exactly. The former governor of New Mexico has some hard-right views, which have largely gone unnoticed due to the media's fascination with his recent gaffes. Here are just a few of them.

1. Taxes

If you were outraged by the New York Times' groundbreaking report on Trump's taxes, don't count on Johnson to be in your corner. Though he hadn't read the piece yet, the Libertarian candidate marveled at Trump's tax loophole when CNN asked him to comment this past Sunday.

"I would like to see the income tax eliminated, corporate tax eliminated, all federal tax eliminated, which means abolishing the IRS," Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson announced at PorcFest X (2013).

Johnson has since proposed a FairTax alternative, which isn't all that fair, since it exempts the poor.

2. Minimum wage

In Johnson's ideal America, there would be no minimum wage, which he calls "a wash." 

"Minimum wage is much to do about nothing. I mean, nobody works for minimum wage," Johnson told HuffPost Live in 2014. "How did you arrive at [a minimum amount]?" Johnson asked, while explaining his belief that any assigned number would be arbitrary.

"I just think when government gets involved in setting wages that there's there's no stopping what government will intervene in doing, and who's to say that government is right?" he said.

3. Foreign policy

You may only know about Johnson's worldview from his inability to identify an important foreign city or name just one world leader he admired. But Johnson's position on foreign aid is more extreme than Trump's.

"I'm opposed to foreign aid completely," he said in 2012. "The notion that we're borrowing and printing money to the tune of 43 cents out of every dollar that we spend and then we're turning around and giving it to other countries, to me that's just crazy."


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