Samantha Bee Destroys Trump Wannabe, Maine Governor Paul LePage

What would life be like under a President Trump, "Full Frontal" host Samantha Bee wonders. Unfortunately, we don't have to wonder to much.

"We just have to look at the unheated crawl space between Quebec and New Hampshire where America hides its heroin—Maine!" Bee suggested.

In 2010, Maine elected Paul LePage, "the beta version of Trump" as Sam Bee calls him, a moniker he earned through his blatant racism and anti-immigrant views. 

"I was Donald Trump before Trump became popular," the Governor said in February. "So I guess I think I should support him since we're one of the same cloth." 

"Specifically, the loud, grossly outdated cloth of your uncle Bobby's leisure suit," Bee clarified, adding that "Like Trump, the governor's unfiltered mouth garbage is a feature not a bug."

If you don't live in Maine, you may remember LePage from his latest controversy in which he called people of color or people of Hispanic origin "the enemy." LePage has also said President Obama could "go to hell" and the NAACP could "kiss [his] butt"

But Maine faces troubles other than its Governor's mouth garbage, Bee points out.

"It has a dwindling population that's also the oldest in the country with deaths outnumbering births... although that birth-death imbalance is also due to a mysterious wave of deaths in Maine's quiet little town of Derry," Bee jokes, flashing to a clip from Stephen King's "It," which, although produced in 1990 has become surprisingly relevant due to the uptick in clown sightings nationwide. 

Given its sagging population, Maine's business groups insist the state needs more immigrants. 

"Hey, guess what, they're in luck!" Bee exclaimed.

"It just so happens the most heavily vetted immigrants on the planet are looking for a place to bring their skills," Bee continued, flashing to a photo of Syrian refugee families. 

But like many Republican governors, LePage is strongly opposed to letting in refugees. His reason?

"I'm concerned for my people," LePage said.

"What people?!" Bee retorted. "You don't have any! That's the problem!"

LePage later defended his stance by stating that the refugees are carrying diseases, when asked in a town hall meeting in February. 

"What happens is you get Hepatitis C, tuberculousis, AIDS, HIV, Zika... all these foreign disease which find their way to our land," he told the audience.

"Oh, is that where LePage caught diarrhea of the mouth, because I could've sworn he got it from typhoid Donald," Bee said, cutting to a clip of Donald Trump rattling off false statistics about Maine, crime and refugees. 

"Look at the lower third!" the "Full Frontal" host said of Trump, since MSNBC now fact checks Trump's outlandish announcements. "You're never right!"


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